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    How many of you sleep with a binkie in your mouth? I have tryed and cant do it

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    I sleep with a extended teat 7 silicone from pacifiersrus every night wirh no problems.

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    I sleep on my stomach/side. So it always falls out.

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    I sleep on my stomach and with a binkie, every night. Only lose it every once in a great while. If I do, I get restless enough apparently, that it wakes my wife and so she puts it back in my mouth to settle me down.

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    I don't generally sleep with mine, I just suck on it around the house.

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    My mouth almost always stays closed when I sleep, even though I lay on my side. So I've only had a paci fall out once :]

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    It party depends on the type. I find that the orthodontic teats slide out of my mouth easier than the MAM's teat. Also, I would imagine an adult size would stay in better, but I don't have one so I can't say for sure. Even so, it takes some practice and getting used to. I don't even sleep with mine any more because I find it easier without, but it can be done if you keep trying. Start by just taking naps with it so you aren't as focused on getting a good undistracted sleep.

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    I've gotten to the point where it doesn't come out of my mouth unless is physically grab for it and take it out. It took while but mine just stays connected to my mouth.

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    I always fall asleep with a binky in my mouth, but only wake up about half the time with it still in my mouth. The other half the time it ends up under my back like my phone does when I fall asleep holding it. :P every once in a while I wake up holding my binky and sucking my thumb with the same hand. I always laugh at that. xP Haha,

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    I sleep with paci always, when I can, +/- all nights, if I'm not with someone (exception: AB/DL friends)

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