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Thread: Money on diapers

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    Default Money on diapers

    How much many do you spend on diapers the most i have ever paid was near 400 bucks and they lasted me a whole year

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    Most I've ever spent on diapers was $45, that got me a case of Tena Supers before the local drug store stopped selling them.

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    400 to 500 sounds about right for a year for me. It may be more next year, though. The most at one time was like 350 or something like that.

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    If i broke mine down right now I spend about $130.00 a month. I wear 24/7 and wet only. Normally use 3 a day.

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    I currently buy Euron Super-Plus, a case at a time (84 nappies), for about 50. That lasts me about two months, alongside the free pads I get from the NHS.

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    I think 30ish quid for two packs and one of those packs was for a friend, should probably order a case someday.

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    somewhere around $1500 per year on diapers, I spent about $300 2 weeks ago for my once every other month delivery

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    I use cloth and plastic pants. I have several dozen diapers and plastic pants that have lasted me several years. I spend about $40/yr not including detergent to keep my current stock up to date.

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