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Thread: Tena ultima in the uk

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    Default Tena ultima in the uk

    Hi boys n girls. I'm trying to find somewhere in the uk that supplies tena slip ultima's. I've seen them at eurodl but it cost to much to ship to uk. Any thoughts?? Keep snug.

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    i dont have any advice on how to get the tena slip ultima's you want but i remeber reading somewhere that tena/SCA wont sell these in the UK due to the fact that the NHS which is the biggest customer of incontinence products in the UK had said that they will not buy them becuase they were deemed not cost effective vs the current tena slip maxi

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    There is a company in Belgium that ships to the UK and has a website indicating they sell the Tena Ultimate range please see: Tena Slip Ultima L 21 items order online. This may not be the only supplier but delivery is about 9 euros unless you order over 120 euros worth when it is free.

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    thanks for that..

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    I have a pack and i'm in the UK, I got it from SaveExpress | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus

    I was very excited to try these as Tena Slip Maxi are great.

    My thoughts on the ultimas: firstly they are cloth backed, not plastic. They do have a plastic tape landing zone. They are a similar size to the maxi out of the pack but swell up more when wet and hold a decent amount. The fit feels slightly odder on me than a maxi, but they are comfortable and discreet. I haven't had any leaks but they do clump a bit when I sleep in them.

    Hope this helps.

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    The plastic landing zone is not low enough so the lower tapes land on the cloth-like backing and they dont stick
    Also the tapes are not strong enough to hold the diaper weight once it's wet.
    And last things, I think they are really overpriced, the Euron maxi plus are as much absorbent and cost twice less !

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