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Thread: Ever been in public not wearing a diaper and soon wished you were wearing one?

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    Default Ever been in public not wearing a diaper and soon wished you were wearing one?

    I've always been very nervous about wearing in public, not wanting someone to find out, even though I hate public bathrooms, so it's not something I work up the courage to do very often. There were two times however that I wished I had made the choice to wear one. Once was when I was on a long drive home and actually had to pee so bad that I had to stop at the side of the road, not fun. The other was when I was out shopping and ended up pooping myself big time with almost no warning. Had never happened before. All I could do was head home fast to a massive clean up. Anyone else had this experience?

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    I have had a few of these occasions myself, especially the first one you mention. I spend a lot of hours behind the 'wheel', both due to a fear of flight and living in the west. I have gone padded a few times while driving, but I'm still not used to wetting while sitting. Still, when you're going through a mountain pass in the middle of the night and stopping to pee means trudging through the snow, having padding would be a very nice thing!

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    A few times, especially on trains. They've got a habit of having broken loos on trains in the UK. Last time was in October last year when I got stuck on a train with a broken toilet after drinking a couple of pints of beer. I came fairly close to peeing myself, and just ended up using the broken toilet (it was pretty gross as the flush didn't work, but better than the alternative ).

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    Before I became fully incontinent, there have been many times coming home from the pub that, looking back, I wished I'd worn one. But the thought never entered my mind back then. I've had several accidents wetting my pants just as I got to my front door.

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    I once left a party with some people on a half hour drive home after drinking a bit. I didn't really have to go when we left, but I felt the urge right afterward and ended up dying to pee most of the way home. A diaper really would have been nice then.

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    Usually when you need to pee and there is no toilet in sight or you have to wait for a long time.

    I remember when we wanted to watch the Tour de France final in Paris a few years ago at the Champs Elysée. We came there quite early and got good places. There was no Toilet in sight. Leaving would have resulted the loss of the good places.
    The show was great, but at the end my girlfriend (now wife) and I really had to pee so urgently. She admitted that wearing a diaper would have been very good!

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    Wish I'd worn last week but only had night time cloth, very bulky, and no disposables left. It happened while at the grocery store and it would have been VERY nice to be wearing.

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    Despite the fact that I haven't worn diapers for a couple of years now, I do find myself wishing I was wearing one fairly frequently.

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    Uhh, yes i have had those moments. Quite a few times in fact, especially when i have to drive 3+ hours.

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    Not really. I've never actually had to stop doing anything and urinate immediately. I seem to have a steel bladder. :p

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