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Thread: Kids Movies as a kid vs. as an adult.

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    Default Kids Movies as a kid vs. as an adult.

    Watching children's movies is an integral part of my AB experience now, and even before I knew I was an AB, I loved watching kids movies. However I started noticing something recently. A lot of children's movies have innuendos or blatant adult jokes that I simply didn't catch as a child! It's odd how we don't notice these things as children and then do a double take as an adult when we first notice them. Do these jokes, once you notice them, ruin the spirit of the movie for you if you are an AB, or jade your childhood? Or does it simply pass over for you? Personally, my S.O. and I stop and have a giggle, even if we are having little time, as if we're sharing a secret that we saw a naughty that we weren't supposed to. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xene View Post
    Personally, my S.O. and I stop and have a giggle, even if we are having little time, as if we're sharing a secret that we saw a naughty that we weren't supposed to. :3
    I see exactly where you're coming from. I hate things that inadvertently yank me out of my little mode. In fact, I avoid most movies as a general rule knowing they might do as such. However, as you point out, sometimes there is no beating it. In fact, Pixar movies pride themselves on appealing both to kids and adults through the use of double-entendre.

    Of course, as adults, we now pick up on that, but is that really any different than if we were kids privy to an inside joke? When I was young, a friend and I would often giggle about something that only made sense to us, whether it be mindless absurdity or mildly ribald.

    So, this situation is much the same, only reversed. We can't help listening to our more mature array of knowledge. Yet, I don't think it makes us less kid-like. As a species, we always will laugh at cheeky comments, whether we're two or 102.

    I'd say just enjoy it. We don't laugh enough as it is. ^_^

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    I've noticed the innuendo before as well, though not be a err..tradition ab (when I do act littleish, which is rare) it wouldn't bug me at all. I think getting the joke and/or laughing about it shouldn't ruin the experience of being little though, it is AB and not just B afterall =p.

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    I remember Animaniacs had a big habit of making hidden adult jokes. I think every episode seemed to have at least somewhere. One that specifically comes to mind was the "Finger prints" joke.

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    I think that as we grow we come to understand more, and as a result of this we are better able to appreciate the nuance and subtlety of what ever it is we are watching. I love disney and regardless of what it does for me when I am "little", I regard these movies as true works of art, and a appreciate them as such. So to me more knowledge only can enhance an experience, never detract from it.

    Even when regressed I can not separate my consciousness from my domain knowledge, the only difference between my Big me and my Little me is the way in which I react to situations, not how I comprehend them. I will always know how 2+2=4 or how something like sex works, I can not unlearn simple knowledge, and so I can not ignore it regardless of my mental state. It does not effect my regression.

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    If they do adult jokes in children movies and TV shows, then they are obviously for adults too. I know sometimes parents watch them with their kids so perhaps that is why they do it?

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    When I re-watched Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame in my teen years, I was shocked. When I was a kid, I didn't understand that the plot of the movie centred around Frollo lusting after Esmeralda while finding it sinful and going mad because of it. I found the film pretty boring as a child, because an integral part of it went sailing right over my head. I was surprised that Disney actually geared something so adult and kind of dark towards a child audience. So now that I can appreciate the plot, I love the movie as one of my fav animated Disney flicks, whereas I didn't enjoy it much as a kid.

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    I always found that as an adult the various failings of the plot of many kids movies seemed to be more apparent to me. I guess as a child I was oblivious to these minor details and so enthralled in the plot that they seem unworthy of my attention (that is if I even had any back then!).

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    I find it kind of interesting to watch older kid/family shows again.
    More so for that reason. You get enjoyment as a kid cause it a "kid show"
    Then when rewatching it it fun again cause of all the things you did not catch before.

    Almost like watching it again for the first time in a way.

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    One of my favourite ways to relax when I'm feeling little is by watching cartoons or kids movies. It's true that there's a lot of innuendo in them but when I'm in a regressed state of mind I generally don't notice it. I suspect this is due to my asexuality - I don't actually understand or 'get' a lot of the adult jokes. I can however imagine how it might cause other people to revert back to their adult mindset.

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