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Thread: Glastonbury+UK Backpacking?

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    Heya Guys!

    Noodle here once again with another thread in the off topic section,
    Lately I've been thinking of what I want to do with the upcoming year and well as the title implies, Glastonbury (Most folks from the UK might know what I'm talking about) and a Backpack Trip in the UK but dunno much about it and was hoping some members could give me any info from experience from backpacking or the Glastonbury Festival itself.

    Reason why this came up?
    Well I've been looking for something I could do with my friend since we both love the UK and are big anglophiles when it comes to music, me probably more than her or whatever but for a trip... dont know where to start

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    Backpacking's pretty fun in the UK. I've done it a fair amount. Almost every town or village has a youth hostel or backpackers hostel, the main thing you need to worry about is the transport between places - that will easily run up more than the cost of staying somewhere for the night, if you're planning on going all around the UK.

    As for Glasto - book your tickets NOW. And make sure you're staying in a good nearby city the night before so you can catch one of the organised busses to the ground.

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