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Thread: RP sites?

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    Default RP sites?

    Not sure if anyone around here Role-plays online or anything but I've been looking for some diaperfur friendly sites. [Removed] Can anyone lend a fox a hand?
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    I do. I tend to utilize AIM for RP most of the time. Though there are dedicated RP games such as MU's and MUX's.

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    Second Life is a game that has a large furry community, but the learning curve on using the game is pretty steep and requires an active internet connection to play. As a warining, there are sexual situations there.

    If you do try it, I suggest you download the Firestorm client as well.

    ADISC has its very own RP master thread, and you can rp in the chat as well (One you become Establish Contributor, that becomes available)

    That's all I know of myself

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    You could try FurryMUCK, but it's pretty intense. It's a text-based furry universe of sorts. In my opinion, it's not very user friendly. However, I think if I sat down for an hour or two I'd be able to have the intricacies nailed.

    I'm not sure if there's any diaperfur-related/friendly locations available at the moment, but it's worth a shot. It's a pretty large community, so if you're in the mood for regular furry RP you'd have no problems finding it.
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