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Thread: I Don't Like Pooping

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    Default I Don't Like Pooping

    does that make me not a very good AB?

    I mean it's about acting like a young child and completely giving up control for security right? And as someone with a lot of younger siblings I know they 'give up control' in their diapers a lot. But I really don't like the pooping part of going in a diaper - for me it's about being made to feel safe and secure like somehow just one thing (and one person if you have a Mummy/Daddy) can take away all stress and keep you safe from the problems of grown-up life forever. But pooping doesn't give me that, it just leaves a nasty smell and big clean-up and feels really uncomfy in my diaper so I don't feel safe and secure as much in them.

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    Some people just don't like messing. It's totally fine, and it doesn't make you a bad AB. I personally don't like it either. The clean-up required also makes it a huge no-no for me.
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    es not a big deal... lotsa people dont like poopin... i think it is somethin like a 50/50 split...
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    Not for everyone. Though call me cheap I like to make the most of the money I spend. If I have to go and I'm wearing and can get the cleanup without someone catching me it's fine, otherwise I won't bother. Still doesn't make anyone a bad ab by any means. Some people probably don't like to pee them either.

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    I'm right there with you, although I don't just dislike pooping in the diaper, I also hate doing it generally. Takes long, and my ass skin is very prone to getting irritated with the crappy and scratchy toilet paper my mom buys >.<

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    I sympathize with the messy ones, but I'm not into it myself. I don't mind the thought of a poopy diaper, but I don't much care for the thought of a poopy... me.
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    Everyone is different in a million different ways and AB related niches are no different. In fact, messing might be one of the most 'disliked' habits amongst ABs. Even those who do it on occasion, myself included, avoid following through due to the time required for clean up, the smell and so forth. I think most will agree that peeing is one thing, but messing is a whole other issue.

    Now that I live with my caretaker and have a daddy as well, I have endless opportunities to 'let go'. Yet, even with a big bro who is more than willing to clean my messy padding, it usually is very hard for me to follow through. I think I have for so long avoided messing that my bowels are trained to not 'perform', even when I want them to.

    It is a really tough issue. Being a kid means letting go, but as much as we try to reach that mindset, we have been trained to think otherwise. This includes reaching a level of maturity where we don't want to make others feel uncomfortable. As much as they may assure us that they are amicable to us being 'us', there are so many mental blocks we must work through to reach that point of leaving adulthood behind.

    So, don't feel out of place. We all have struggles and that often includes messing. ^_^

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    I don't do it all the time either. I don't like to waste a diaper and it be a huge mess to clean up if I do it in my cloth diaper. We don't even have the diaper sprayer connected anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShyGuy12 View Post
    does that make me not a very good AB?
    I'm always puzzled when people post this sort of question. You can be an AB in any way you feel like, it's just a label. There's no such thing as a 'good AB', just different types of AB. The key thing is safely doing what makes you happy without inflicting it on others without permission.

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    Iv'e had accidents which I can tolerate. But as far as going poopy in them just to be going is a no-no. In the mornings I can go as often as 3 times in 30 minurtes time. That would be a big waste and mess to


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