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Thread: I wish someone had an AB acceptance hypnosis MP3 for non-AB significant others, friends or family!!

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    Default I wish someone had an AB acceptance hypnosis MP3 for non-AB significant others, friends or family!!

    OK, so, I was on and I looked at their hypnosis MP3s. They have one that an AB can listen to and it helps them make complete peace with their AB lifestyle because, frankly, many if not most of us are still partially "adult", at least enough to function somewhat "normally" when the situation calls for it. But frankly if it is possible (usually because the AB has a full-time Mommy or Daddy who can take care of all "adult" situations), this hypnosis MP3 is probably heaven for the adult baby who would love to appear adult by physical size only.

    But we all have several people in our lives, which may include family, friends and significant others, who do not understand and therefore refuse to accept the fact that this community is entirely legit and should therefore be permitted to coexist with "outsiders." It is for this reason I wish there was a "Little Mindset Acceptance" (sorry, can't think of a better term, but I think you guys get the gist of what I'm trying to say) MP3 for those closed-minded folk out there. Then there would be absolutely no need whatsoever to worry about people's opinions when they see an adult who likes baby stuff but who is not actually developmentally delayed.

    What do you guys think? I'd like to hear your opinions on this, even though there may not be much we can do about the situation...

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    Given that it is thought hypnosis only works if you want it to I feel that this would be a wasted endeavour on a lot of people out there, it would be better if we could just educate them on what being an AB/DL is and why it is a harmless thing regardless of whether it is weird or not. Frankly it would simply be easier to not tell everyone, my friends or family have no reason to know what I do behind closed doors so I don't seek acceptance from them, future girlfriends would be excellent but that is it for me so perhaps not feeling the need for universal acceptance means that I would appreciate such a product less than others but I that is just the way I feel personally.

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    Hypnotising people without their consent sounds ethically dubious to me. Even leaving that aside I don't think it wouldn't be the right way to gain acceptance. People need to make that choice by themselves.

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    i kinda wanted to deviate from the typical comment that people give on here saying that everything you say is wrong! XDD
    by saying 'everything your saying is right'

    because i am open-minded and can see it from both viewpoints--and i do that with every given situation.
    people are saying that..its not right to force people into thinking things.
    but in truth..isnt that all we humans do?

    though, its all a matter of what is said,how its said, and who is saying it.
    we've seen it before!
    a person wants to 'save the fandom!' and thats how we get an even worse name for ourselves.
    some blunderhead has to go before the public and say something stupid and so society groups us together as all being stupid and strange deviants.

    though i cant say that if they did have a tape of something like that..that it would get someone to listen.
    sure,they may put it on their ears and play it and hear the face noises in their skulls
    but that can NEVER make them understand.
    most people in this world are not as open as we are.

    because to do all of this there has to be some sort of openness
    the ability to say "i am not one of the people who do THAT..but im one of the people who does THIS"
    and most people do not care to think about anything other than what they are already associated with.
    i MYSELF am even bad about this,and i do like to imagine i have a good grip on psycology for my age.
    but if someone came to me and started to try to make me like baseball
    i would give them maybe a split second of attention before my brain shut off what they were trying to tell me.

    for all i know they could be telling me that god was coming and that they have proof
    but to me, it doesnt matter anymore because what may have to do with me is under the topic of something i dont care enough about.

    which kind of makes me many people are out there who have the same feelings we do..but have seen things in the media about how strange and weird or wrong we are
    and that person will never be open about it and always push their real feelings away because they think they are strange or weird or wrong.

    its really just a matter of how something is said.
    not everything will appeal to people because most people are not open to the topic at hand.

    (and you may be thinking) would concern them slightly if they knew i liked diapers..or..something along those lines
    but put yourself in a different pair of shoes..
    like..for me..
    i dont care if my dad played in the major league,i wouldnt care about baseball.
    and they have heard only negative about these things and will always think negatively about them.

    i hope i can be of SOME help..
    its better than just saying
    because its not and you shouldnt ^-^

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    Given that it is thought hypnosis only works if you want it
    All of this. If hypnosis worked the way movies want you to believe, this world would have a whole clusterfuck of problems.

    what the TC really wants is one of these.

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    I don't think it would work because people wouldn't want to even listen to it. Why would they if they don't want to accept it? However, if they wanted to understand it, I don't see why there shouldn't be one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    what the TC really wants is one of these.

    I think we could all do with one of those really, have a bit of fun with it you know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I don't think it would work because people wouldn't want to even listen to it. Why would they if they don't want to accept it? However, if they wanted to understand it, I don't see why there shouldn't be one.
    If they wanted one, then they wouldn't need hypnosis. They would just need to read good articles such as stuff from Bittergrey's understand page. But much like your own father, some people do not want to understand even know they know it's safe and really not a big deal if kept private.

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    Why use hypnosis? Creating understanding seems to be a better idea.

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    Hypnosis as you describe it would be a violation of free will. It would be used to force another individual to change without their consent. Barring the fact that hypnosis does not work that way, and let us assume for the sake of argument that it did, it would be completely unsatisfactory if we could magically change everyone's viewpoint. It would be unsatisfactory because without free will there is no acceptance, they become your slave and are thus incapable of giving you the validation that you seek. We want acceptance from those whom we regard as equals or betters, the rest are inconsequential. So to reduce another human being into a puppet would destroy their humanity and destroy the value of their opinion, because indeed there would be no opinion.

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