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Thread: Trained that early?!

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    Default Trained that early?!

    Well i was just sitting here with my mom talking to some people next to us in a waiting room. My mom just said i was walking, potty trained, and feeding myself by 9 months old. I wanted to be like "really, are you sure?" but that would be suspicious. I cant believe it because i have diaper memories that i placed myself at being two or three years old. Damn i must have a good memory or something. I had always wanted ask her when it was but wouldnt have an answer to "why do you ask". Because i can remember diapers i always thought of being a late trainer. I must pick her for more info somehow.

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    Very little ones are often kept in diapers even if potty trained due to the number of accidents, the need for help and of corse for sleeping.

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    Highly unlikely, a baby being able to walk before a year is rare let alone having the hand eye coordination to feed yourself. Diapers are the same, a child that has no real speech ability would not be able to say that they needed the toilet and would be unable to make it before having an accident. There are plenty of baby milestone charts online so you could just look those up and they would give you a much more realistic idea of when you were able to do those things.

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    Yeah, I was fully developed early on too. I think this, combined with a far reaching memory, is what lead to my status as an AB. Part of it may be that I was forced to grow up earlier than was necessary.

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    I was more of a late bloomer which I think led to some of my liking of diapers. Not that I didn't know how to use my potty mind you I just mostly had trouble wiping especially after embarassing accidents like trying to wipe myself at school in kindergarten. Needless to say I was later on that stuff (just like some people develop a bit earlier).

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    Ive been wanting to tell my mom about my diapers for a while now. I was looking online some 7/8/9 months old actually can train, i cant see that happening without constant attention to the babies schedule and sticking to it hardcore. Im the product of a teenage pregnancy and was raised in a big house with lots of people to take care of and train me but even if i was trained i could see them leaving the diapers on just in case like pajamakitten says. Maybe i was just trainged for doing number two only and didnt care about wet ones. When i sit downand tell her, im going to want to know everything. My mom is pretty good with potty training tho, she babysat a lot of our huge families kids and trained most of them. Perhaps she is a potty training guru, but that changes everything i ever thought about my diaper memories. Once i figure out what and how i want to tell her, we are going to pick each others brain.

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    I was walking at 9 months and potty trained at 18 months. One of my younger brothers was walking at 8 months. I don't know when he was potty trained.

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    I'm quite curious about how old i was when i was trained, I think it would be interesting to know. But like you, bring up that question would be weird.

    On another subject, my best friend who is in psychology is actually doing a report that is about systematic vs passive potty training, and he is doing an excellent job, It is kind of interesting to consider the advantage of letting a child learn to potty train at their own pace, and when they express interest, then start to reward them for efforts.

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    Maybe your mother did elimination communication with you but she still kept you in diapers for in case of accidents. EC babies still wear them. Some babies start walking at eight months old and nine month old babies can feed themselves. I know my son already was. He was even taking steps at nine months old too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    Highly unlikely, a baby being able to walk before a year is rare let alone having the hand eye coordination to feed yourself.
    I do not know where you obtained this information from, but I can assure you that learning to walk before one year old is not at all uncommon. The average age for learning to walk is anywhere from 9 to 18 months, according to this parenting website. I have personally heard 9 to 14 months from my developmental psychology course, but that site appears to be a bit more liberal with the age range.

    Personally, I was potty-trained at age 3, which is somewhat late but not terribly so. I was a lot more precocious with walking (10 months) and speaking (8 months).

    I do not think this contributed to my AB/DL interests.

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