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    I love my Biancos, but I find they leak at times when I don't even wet too much, like when I sleep on my side. Does anyone have some tips? And I think it's different for guys and girls with our anatomy, so let me know how you wear and how you avoid leaks.

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    Are the taps sticking properly? Sometimes I find with my Classicos that the tapes come undone during my sleep and that becomes a problem.

    If that's not the case for you, make sure the leg holes are tight and not loose. The tighter the are, the less problem you should have. Obviously don't cut off your circulation, but you get the point.

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    Bambinos are best with a booster pad that helps wick the liquid to other areas of the diaper. Wicking is a weak point for them.

    When you lay on your side, liquid stays where gravity allows it to.

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    virtually all diapers will likely leak if you wet them while laying on your side, regardless of the brand and stated absorption capabilities. the reason for this is really simple. gravity is working against you in this position. so this isn’t an issue with brand. while I agree that having a diaper fitted properly can help a lot to reduce this from happening, it isn’t an answer to the problem. you can’t work around gravity I’m afraid. wether you wet while laying on your side or it leaks from already being wet, when you lay on your side. the problem is gravity. however, there ARE some diapers that will be better at controlling this than others. and it heavily depends on the type of absorbent material in the area of the diaper that is wet and leaking when on your side. SAP absorbs slower, (which is bad for wetting WHILE laying on your side) but great for retaining and not ‘releasing’ the wetness under gravity or pressure. meaning, once its absorbed gravity will have less of an effect. wood pulp absorbs faster (your friend for wetting while on your side) but doesn’t lock that wetness away like SAP, so it is far more likely do leak over time while laying on your side. sorry if thats confusing.

    my advice: don’t wet while lying on your side if it can be helped. checking your diapers fit can help to some degree. if you do leak an fit can’t be helped, booster pads (which are almost always 100% wood pulp) likely won’t help at all. you might want to look into using absorbent ‘bed mats’. they will keep your bed dry and you from any discomfort from the leaking.

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    Guys need to always point down. Generally avoid flooding. (if you have a full bladder, only empty 1/3 or so. if you want to clear out completely, go a bit, wait a few min, go a bit more etc) No disposable will perform well for a guy or a girl when on your side. You're looking at only 1/3 - 1/4 the capture area, and floods (quick release, even if volume is low) will race right over to the side where there's no padding and you'll leak badly.

    I can't easily fall asleep on my back, and I can't sleep at all on my stomach. So I sleep on my side, but roll onto my back to wet. Wait 5 min, (important!) then roll back onto my side and peacefully back to sleep. Try that. (I'd probably be in trouble if I actually was IC/bedwetter)

    Also make sure the lower tapes are fitted so the crotch elastic is pulled up and tight. So many people try to pull the lower tapes in toward each other and get a really bad gap in the legs and behind the butt cheeks. Instead, pull the tab and the end of the front leg elastic together snugly and tape there. (the tape tab will be pointing DOWN toward the crotch, to pull UP on the crotch elastic) That really helps prevent the "corner of butt cheek" leaks. It also improves side-wetting safety. Using this technique I can side wet in a limited way without problems. Also once the padding on that side gets wet, roll over to your other side to use the rest of the dry padding on the other side.

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