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    So... think you're man enough? Then download this game, turn the lights off, put in some headphones (not the same without them) and play this game or SCP-087-B. You may be able to sleep by Monday.

    Blatant endorsement aside, I've played this game a ton. For those who are going in cold, I'll give you some facts. First of all, Its free to play. It takes about 5-10 minutes to download, less if you have a decent connection. It takes very little space on your computer and runs fine, even without a gaming PC.

    As for the gameplay itself- its a matter of survivial. Its based on the writing group "The SCP Foundation" (The SCP Foundation), canonically, a group that contains physical, mental, and other anomalies. You play as a Class D, a Disposable researcher recruited from death row to handle the most dangerous ones. In an unlikely escape I won't spoil, you find yourself alone in Site 19- along with a multitude of SCP objects that have Breached Containment. These include:

    SCP-173: (SCP-173 - The SCP Foundation) A sculpture that moves when you don't look at it. If it gets to close, it breaks your neck and you die. Whatever you do, don't blink.

    SCP-106: (SCP-106 - The SCP Foundation) The Old Man. He can walk through walls. When he spawns, he chases you. If he catches you, you get dragged to an alternate dimension he controls. If you're quick, you can escape back to the real world. If not, they never find your remains...

    SCP-895- (SCP-895 - The SCP Foundation) An ordinary coffin. Mostly. If viewed on video surveillance, what you see is more than just that coffin. And its not nice to your sanity.

    SCP-372- (SCP-372 - The SCP Foundation) Whats that in the corner of your eye?

    And some others I don't think I'll mention here. Don't want to ruin the fun now, do we? Anyways, the game, as of now, is in Alpha (version 0.5.6), so some things, mainly models for Class Ds and SCP-106, aren't complete. Most of the bugs of this version are hammered out. Your goal is to escape the facility in one piece. You get no weaponry, no means of combat (not like any of it would prove useful anyways against these foes). Blinking plays a function in the game. As to what exactly is going on, how to escape, and what awaits you in Site 19, you'll have to find out yourself.

    So go on. Feeling Brave right about now?

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    I have to say, I am not man enough. I'm a complete wuss with these kind of games. My girlfriend watched a bunch of videos and tried the game and was fine for the most part. I myself practically screamed at the first video I saw, didn't try the game and hid under my covers. Well I did try it... once... I got fairly drunk and attempted to go down it... I think I got to floor 17 and turned it off and hid under my covers again. Horror games terrify me (which is funny cause movies usually don't). I think it's the interaction with the environment that's the scary part.

    Though I think those games are worth checking out, they're great.

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    Floor 17? Sheesh. Usually shit doesn't go down until 25. And thats just 807-b, which IMO, has nothing on Containment Breach.

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    The SCP Foundation is probably one of my favorite sites. I've been reading them for years and have written a few articles, never submitted any though.

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    Well I downloaded and installed it, the creep factor so far is pretty high, but my own suck factor is even higher... SCP 173 has killed me about 8 times so far, and I'm sure it will kill me more soon.

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