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    I commonly use A&D ointment when changing (it holds up VERY nicely) but the smell is something else.. I I looked at the ingredients, and it lists fragrance.. what fragrance? Eu De Piscene? Why does it reek like fish? anything else out there that works as well with a bit less odor?

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    The piscene smell is, I think, the A. (Who knows, maybe the D smells like milk. Couldn't possibly smell it through the A.) It also leaves a hell of a ring around the tub of the washing machine. But I suspect that there is nothing that works as well.
    So some people like the pampers smell, some like A&D. All depends on how you were raised.

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    yeah, but about the only thing I can think of that does such a nice barrier cream is Udder Balm, but it stinks about as bad, lanolin tho

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    Haha...yes, I remember bag balm, and it does have an odd smell, but it works well.

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    Desitin clear max strength is my fav and smells quite similar to baby powder.

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    I second Desitin. Ordinary zinc oxide ointment works almost as well and is odorless. If all else fails, I think petroleum jelly works fine as a preventative measure, though if you already have a rash I don't think it works as well as a bona fide rash ointment.

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