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    Hello. The whole DL thing has made me curious for years (no offense, but no interest in the whole AB thing). Never from a turn on standpoint, but pure curiosity. The other day I ordered some Depend Real Fit online (I know they're not nearly absorbent as anything else, I've just been cautious about stealthiness/discreet. I'm going to go through this pack 24/7, and see how things go. I'm not going to risk wetting in public (because I understand these tend to leak), but I'll be taking advantage of it to catch the little dribbles that run down khaki's, etc.

    I'll let you guys/gals know how things go, and how I feel.

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    Sweet deal man. My first time trying the DL thing was when my family went on vacation and had the house to myself. Would've gone 24/7 if it wasn't for work. Keep us posted and have fun!

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    I just got home from work. I know nobody would have ever been able to tell, but I was fairly nervous and shaky. Defiantly glad I didn't have to present anything or communicate with a lot of people. It was interesting, because it kept me warm down there when I was outside (35 degrees). I never officially wet them, but I haven't bothered "fully shaking it out" after using a toilet, etc. Going to try wetting tonight to see what its like/what I'm in store for.

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    Wet twice. Felt strange, I stood up in my bathroom looking at myself in the mirror (awkward to watch myself use, let alone wear one), to make sure it didn't leak down the bottom. It didn't, and I felt dry immediately so went back to studying. When I had the urge to go a second time, I put another one over-top, in case the original leaked. The first one didn't leak, but the moment I sat down to go back to doing what I was doing, I felt the warm squish, and it was very uncomfortable, so I took the original one off, and put the second one on (alone). Now I have a general idea of what they can hold, so I can actually utilize them for the sole curiosity reason I intended to.

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    I will say this about wetting them for myself it is on of the best feelings ever to do that. I have been wearing adult diapers for years for bed wetting.

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    What do you mean exactly? Just the whole "I can go right here, right now, and worry about it later" thing?

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    I think you will come to enjoy the freedom of it. I love being able to go where I least in private and in the car.

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    I wet while in bed last night, and it was a disaster lol. I knew these real fits tend to leak, but to test their absorbancy with me lying down, I first peed myself lying down on my bathroom floor, just so it would be easy to clean up. No leak at all. I wore it, and wet one more time standing up, to test another full sized load, and nothing! I decided to change out of that one, and when I was in bed, I had the urge to go, but looked forward to not having to get up, except this time, it hissed all out the sides and made a disastrous mess on my "dry clean only" sheets.. Keeping me up another 2 hours to clean my bed and myself... I really didn't want to make wearing these a "habbit"/"hobby", but I am not curious to try something that's more absorbent, to hold a night-time wetting.

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    None of the store brands are really good for wetting in bed. You'll need to order a premium brand if you are looking for reliability, and plastic pants help too.

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    Here's a tip I didn't discover until this year. If you want to use a diaper the "proper" way then try to relax as much as you can (comes with practice and time) and slowly, but frequently, let out pee. This is how diapers are meant to be used, not become flooded in tons of pee all at once. It gives it time to soak and you don't keep it all in at once.

    Keep in mind the diaper can absorb more standing up than down. You're not sitting on a majority of the back portion of the diaper, so it can expand. If you wet a lot while standing then wait a few minutes before sitting or you risk pushing the gel inside out of the sides, causing a huge leak. If you start to feel the gel in the back squish around then it's time to change soon, at least from my experience with disposables.

    Overall, with time you'll find what works for you. There's never a definitive answer to this stuff, only tips that will help you discover what works for you, and only you.

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