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    Do any of you folks wear lille supreme all in ones nappies/diapers I would be grateful if you have any feedback as to how good they are compared with other leading brands. I have worn "Tena" protection for many years (mainly Tena Flex & the occasional slips) to manage my inco, but sometimes it is nice to try other products once in a while just to see how other nappies/diapers perform given the same circumstances. Many thanks.

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    I have tried lille and reckon they are kind of OK - about as much protection against leaks as Tena Flex but not so good as Tena slip - I only buy them when I can't get my usual brand because somehow they feel like they are a bit inferior in most areas - This is just a personal opinion but at night they leaked quite badly although that may just be my shape isn't ideal for them.

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    I find that Lille are great for absorption but the backing isn't waterproof enough so everything just seeps through unless you wear plastic pants as well. Something's changed with them in the last 4 months - before that I was using them and there were no problems at all. If you can get Lille Classic rather than Supreme, they're plastic backed and they don't leak. They're much better.

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    Thankyou for the replies folks, i am assuming the classic are no longer available as i can not see them listed on my inco website i am used to wearing the quieter soft back nappies/diapers (tena flex) but still wear the slips from time to time but with the stretch pants over them as i find this arrangement more comfortable. I might just try & get a sample to try first i do prefer not to wear plastic pants if i can avoid doing so, thanks for the info.

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