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    Hey everyone, I'm Dominick. I'm a 15 yr. old sophomore and I've been interested in diapers since I was about 4 I'd say. I never really explored the DL life until I was around 10 though. I would say I'm pretty much just a DL, though I've had thoughts in indulging in a few TB things. I'm not the type to have babyish thoughts or tendencies though, I just wear mainly for the enjoyment. I keep my secret to the point of paranoia at times lol, but I've told a couple friends and my brother who were accepting of it, but when I told my mom she dismissed it as weird and that I needed to get my mind of off things like this. I'm a shy person and not really outgoing, and I think being a DL and living with this secret has attributed to that in some way, but it doesn't bother me much. I still have a lot of friends who would never guess what I do Some of my hobbies are playing video games, hanging out with my friends, and writing (though I've never written anything about DL/TB). Anyway I hope get to know some of you and be able to finally relate with other people who share the same secret with me.

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    hey whats up forgotten.....yeah lots of ppl share ur secret. I think ppl of all ages are sexual beings some more in tune with it than others......being diapered and cared for in that way as a baby im sure feels great and can have a profound impact on ur future, i think. Probably my earliest memory is of being diapered as a baby....Thats just my theory on all this.

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