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Thread: Diaper Cyber Monday Sales?

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    Default Diaper Cyber Monday Sales?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if there are any ABDL websites or diaper supply websites that have in years past done Cyber Monday sales. I know ABU likes to have sales, so have they done inventory wide Cyber Monday sales in the past? My hope is to get a cloth backed velcro cloth diaper and a pair of snap on plastic pants at a sale price.

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    I haven't seen any that do. They have pretty much a captive customer base . The only way they might do it is if an item is going to be discontinued. Some do have quanity discounts.
    But you have to buy at least 5 or more of the same type and color.

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    I have seen both ABU and Bambino have Cyber Monday sales last year but I can't recollect if ABU had the cloth diapers on sale or not. I remember Bambino had storewide 10-15% off.

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