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Thread: Padded 6 Days in a row!

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    Smile Padded 6 Days in a row!

    I normally get to wear and use a diaper once every week or two. Since Tuesday of last week I have been commuting to my company's secondary office 85 miles away each day. In the evenings the traffic means more than 2 hours of driving to get home. I start taking in plenty of liquids about an hour or more before I leave for homw. A stop in the Men's room on the way out the door allows me to slip into anAbena Abriflex Premium Extra 3.

    I have been able to do this for the last 6 days now! I love it! With the fluid intake I manage to piddle in my diaper 3 - 5 times during the trip home. By the time I get home I have a really nice bulky, heavy, spread-your-legs-open, rewarding diaper.

    I am back in the home office starting today. It sure was nice while it lasted!

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    I can see why now you did that having to put up with that Calif. traffic. I woud have probably done the same thing.

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    I could see myself getting bored if I wear for that amount of time. I find wearing longer than a few hours it really wears out on me and I get like meh I'll change it now. Though no matter what the feeling always comes back. If I have a good supply I probably wear a few times a week.

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