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Thread: List of AB Terms

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    Default List of AB Terms

    So I'm now writing article number 3 and I thought it best to gather some information as I don't know everything

    The questions I have are:
    Have you ever run across something you didn't know what it was?
    Have you ever found any unusual terms for something common in the AB world?
    Have you ever needed to explain a term you've used to someone because they didn't understand?

    I'm looking for everything and will be making an AB glossory/dictionary. Just a list of words I need to look up the meaning for would be helpful but equally if you want to add your own meanings (or clarify someone else's meanings) that'd be great too. And I really don't care how basic the terms are in fact the ones we take for granted are probably the most important to include for newbies and the uninitiated by stander.

    This is a short list of words and terms I've come up with already so you can see the sorts of things I'm looking for although I haven't defined them here I have on my own draft
    there are over 60 words in there but I'm really looking to have at least 3 times that by the end of writing my list if I want to be truly definitive so literally anything you can add would be helpful

    Thanks well in advance DylanK
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    you should put a picture with each definition

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    A lot of things that wont be possible for but where it is possible, like clothing, I may be able to no promises though

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    I would recommend perhaps removing some things which would be rather obvious to even the uninitiate. Common concepts and things which exist with in both the nonAB and AB world. For instance there is no need to define something like that world Binky, Paci, or blankie, as these things are merely things a child would have. As ABs it is natural these things would come up, but they need no explanation in and of themselves. Less common terms, and many acronyms, as well as things which may exist more in metaphor, rather than in fact, my well need explanation, and I would focus on these alone. I would also attempt to cut out redundancy, or perhaps also create a thesaurus.

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    well yes I see what you're saying, but until I came on here I'd only ever heard a paci/binky called a dummy, because I come from a different country it's something I'd never come across. I'm not going to give every single term and alternative terms full definitions; I'm going to point in the direction of the one that as a community we have come to consider the norm. Take nappy as an example it's something brits use occasionally (or initially as standard) and most americans understand as diapers but having the arrow from the first to the second in the article would be helpful for initiates not wanting to confuse anyone and for long standing members who've never come across the term.

    I understand what you're saying about don't define common terms we share with real babies too but not everyone was brought up speaking english, I want this dictionary to help them get our lingo ^_^ consider it as much about translation of foreign tongues as about defining something. You wouldn't tell a french to english dictionary to skip over 1, 2, 3 etc.. because everyone understands them because that's what 1, 2, 3, ect.. are, would you?

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    I'd say add Tummy, because I can't tell you the last time I referred to my stomach as a stomach.
    And maybe Peek-A-Boo, because my little side absolutely loves Peek-A-Boo. And Patty-cake.
    You also don't have Jumper (the article of clothing, or the plaything that can sometimes hang from the ceiling that baby sits in and bounces).

    Just my suggestions, of course.

    Also, I disagree with Pacified. I think that it's a fine thing to have common terms in your dictionary, and I don't see anything wrong with it.
    It's almost like saying that the only words that should be in a normal dictionary are the ones that the majority of people don't know.

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    You forgot tummy time. :P (And I don't know some of those terms O-O). Tummy time is when a baby (that can't walk) is rolled onto their tummy to play. Idunno why, I just know they do it.

    & You put nummy!

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    I did put nummy I've been seeing it more and more, and I'll add tummy time ^_^ although it brings feeding to mind :O

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