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Thread: Natural Selection 2?

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    Default Natural Selection 2?

    I'm wondering: do any of y'all play Natural Selection 2?

    It is a FPS/RTS hybrid. A bit like a mix of Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2, Alien Versus Predator and Starcraft.

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    Well I'm definitely going to now.
    That game looks feakin sweet!

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    Its really fun! But, my computer is really sucky so I can only play it when I go to my friends house. :P

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    Been contemplating buying the game, seems like fun
    I will buy it if I can actually make a sale off the TF2 Community on this item I have
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    I've been following the project since it's early days, but never actually bought it. D: I guess I should though, a mod team going professional like this with their own engine is a huge accomplishment. I just don't know when to play it…

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    Played the first one and kinda forgot about the second one.

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    Looks very good, actually think I might get this if I remember...

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