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    So maybe this is just me. But anyone else here find some dolls/plushies/stuffed animals/anything else that falls into this category creepy? I remember I had what was clearly supposed to be a cute little stuffed animal as a kid, red, bear with devil horns most would think it was cute looking. But for some creeped my out so bad. For some reason I always got the feeling it was watching me or that it was going to come try to attack me. (I never watched chucky or anything like that, so no scary movie issues.) The thing just creeped me out so much. I gave it to one of my sisters just to get the thing out of my room. My neighbor, before they lived out, collected porcelin dolls, and once I just had to tell her one or two were just plain creepy. I couldn't figure out how to explain it, it was in things they mgiht wear, a white lacey dress, etc. But the thing gave me the creeps, felt like if I were to sleep in their living room it might try to strangle me. (Note the one with my neighbor and her dolls, was just a couple years ago, and I am 25 now, so I STILL find some stuffed animals/dolls that just freak me out.)

    Anyone else ever come across something like that? (Maybe this is just another symptom of being AB, after all...Toddlers are scared of some weird things.)

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    My aunt have this doll that stood about 3 feet high and we used to chase one of my cousins around with.
    That how my cousin looked when we pulled the doll out and then ran away screaming and crying.

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    old school porcelain dolls. I know a woman that has a room filled with them.

    Imagine an entire room of porcelain dolls staring deep into your soul.

    The dolls are the children!

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    I'm slightly pediophobic (fear of dolls) - not to the point I scream and run but humanoid-like dolls have a very high "creep-factor" on my list.
    I simply don't like them - the more human-like they are... like those porcelain critters... jeez, cold, dead staring stuff.

    years ago I had a part time job at a funeral home, and trust me that was REALLY OK... I mean there was nothing scary or creepy about the dead.
    so it's not that I'm afraid of corpses or stuff...

    but those dolls just have something rather "wrong" about them imho.
    Can't nail it... it's just the way it is.

    Never liked them - not as a kid, not as a grown up.

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    Oh lord....

    My Grandma has a big doll collection that's around her house. The majority of them are really adorable, the vinyl type ones that are collectable, but are also fine to give to kids. However. There are these two that are tucked back into the corner between the Pac Man machine and the big green chair, and they freak me out to this day. Not nearly as bad as they did a few years ago when she got them, but still. They're probably about 3 feet tall or so, and they're supposed to be "Beauty and the Beast". Not the Disney ones, but original takes. And Beauty isn't too bad, but Beast is freaky as anything!
    Need I say more?

    Funny story though; back when my mom was a child, she had (has, still. XD) an older sister, who's about two years older than her. One day when she was younger, not sure how old, she was watching Chucky with her sister and one of her sister's friends. Apparently the friend went off to the "bathroom", and ended up grabbing one of my Grandma's porcelain dolls and sneaking behind the couch. Needless to say, the friend did something and scared the crap out of my mother with the doll.
    Funny story, and it doesn't bother her anymore or anything, so it's chill.

    And I totally just remembered this. My Grandma gave me one of her old dolls (not old, from the mid 2000's) a few years back, and I thought she was super cute. I left her at her house for a few years, until deciding to bring her home earlier this year. Somehow or another, when she was laying on the floor (or wherever I had her, I completely forget), her head came off. So I went to pick her up, not knowing any better, and picked up the doll... MINUS the head. Needless to say, I threw that doll and ran out of my room, thoroughly creeped out. I made my fiance go pick her and her head up and put them in a box, because it creeped me out so bad to see it. I mean, she was cute as anything, this sweet little pretty life-like asian doll, so... To see her without a head? Freaky.

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