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    First, this post isn't about a psychological or emotional self-image, but is much more literal - i.e. the image I see of myself in the mirror. I couldn't think of a better title, however, so forgive me if you feel mislead by the subject.

    Does anyone else feel that diapers look kind of ridiculous on them? The few times I've worn a diaper I've thought I looked kind of stupid when I looked in the mirror. I don't think it's a general body image issue, since I happy with the way I look normally. Admittedly the diapers I've worn were goodnites, so they were a bit small, but I don't think that matters - I feel the same way about pictures of other people wearing diapers, sleepers, using pacifiers, etc (no offense to anyone who's posted pics of themselves )

    I'm not really looking for advice since there's an easy solution - don't look in the mirror . I'm just curious if anyone else feels the same way.

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    I can remember feeling the same way the first several times I saw myself in the mirror with a pull-up on. Over time I have come to think the sight is somewhat cute in a way. Maybe that is my way of rationalizing the sight of myself in the mirror but I think you begin to accept yourself more each time you see yourself actually engaged in the abdl behavior. Now a days it does not phase me as much but I still catch myself doing a double take sometimes if I am caught off guard.

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    yes...absolutely cannot glance at myself in the mirror while wearing them...disgusting funnily enough, I actually have been told I would look rather cute in diapers and that I would make a "good baby" I do not like to think of myself as having a fetishistic interest at all though, so this is not really surprising

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    I actually liked the look of the diapers and the diapers on my when I first started wearing them, but them I was also pretty young at the time. Now days it really depends on the diapers I am wearing, some are pretty cute and others are ok.

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    Whenever I do find myself looking in the mirror I let out a light sigh and shake my head. I just shrug it off and continue with what I was doing. It's kinda just the realization of what I'm doing, I find it a bit silly and interesting.

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    After spending my almost entire life at night in diapers .... 33 years later and I still think it looks silly to some point.
    Then again, I usually don't just wear a diaper - mostly I have my boxers over them at night (T-Shirt & Boxers,... diaper isn't visible).
    Makes me feel better not really seeing the diaper or at least knowing it's not "showing" ... my GF knows (of course) and we've been together for many years.
    Still I think it would be "wrong" to go to bed in just a T-Shirt & diaper (I wouldn't feel comfy).
    This way I rarely have to face the image of myself in a Diaper in the mirror.

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    The first few times I did look in the mirror it was a bit weird, to say the least... It's gotten less so since then. But it still doesn't seem quite right.

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    I don't mind seeing the diaper when i look in the mirror, it doesn't seem to bother me* I more am looking at my fat belly, wishing that wasn't there

    * I sometimes stuff the binge/purge cycle, normally happens after been wearing for a while, at this point i don't like seeing myself in diapers, it strange feeling when that happens, i feel really silly for wearing.

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    If I didn't have a chubby stomach, I think I would look great in a diaper... Until then.. It's just me, my diaper, and of course my jelly belly!

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    Its quite a weird thing even for me to understand.
    I like the way i look, i love a good thick crinkly diaper and i like all of that put together, and in the mirror.
    However, what others would think gets me down that i like what i like.
    That problem is with me and im hoping that aspect will fade, because its about OUR self image after all.

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