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Thread: Plastic pants

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    Default Plastic pants

    How should i wash the wish just bleech? And can i hand wash them then put them in the dryer?

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    Don't use bleach nore put in the dryer. I wash and rinse mine when I shower and then put them on a plastic hanger and let them air dry. Also don't use fabric softner either.

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    Just warm water and maybe a little hand soap. All your diaper should have in it is a little sweat and if your diaper leaked a little pee. Hopefully no poop.

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    just wondering why don't you use the dryer to dry them?

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    You don't want to put any heat to your plastic/vynil pants which will damage the material.

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    I hand wash mine using laundry soap. I have tried plain water and they just smell like pee still.I just soak them in the bucket for a few hours and then I rinse them out and then hang dry them.

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    If mine just need a rinse I wash them in the bath before I get in. Bubblebath makes them smell nice and, since they're made of plastic, it's more than sufficient to clean them. If there is 'anything' on the plastic pants however I'll wash them in the sink instead.

    Do not try to put them in a washing machine or a drier. It will wreck them beyond belief.

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    I also wash mine in the shower and dry using the makeshift clothes line I have set up in my bathtub!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    Do not try to put them in a washing machine or a drier. It will wreck them beyond belief.
    And also potentially get bits of plastic stuck all over the innards of your washer/dryer

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