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    any one here read it all the way through if so wat was your reaction to the series as a whole? and for those who have not read it and are reading this i would really recomend it, its about vampires and more than makes up for what twilight ruined for vampire image, however dont start a book unless you have ready access to the next book because, esp in the 4th book the cliffhanger will drill at the back of ur mind untill you read the next book.

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    I read the first one a couple of years ago. We have a book fair sponsored by our school library, and I always buy a book to support the school. I like scary stories and I saw the Vladimir Tod series, so I bought the first one. I definitely liked it. They're written by a woman, so it has a mother, matronly feeling to it, but it's well written, and presents a good mystery. I've seen the series everywhere, including our grocery store, Krogers. As you know, he goes up a grade in school with each book.

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    yeah the first book was ok, a little slow to get started, but 2-5 were pretty amazing though ill admit book 5 12th grade kills was a bit too edgy and drawn out for me, most the book takes half a year and the second half of the year was summed up in like 2-3 chapters would have liked it to go a little more in depth but................. the story was over at that point. all and all a very good series id give it a 20 out of 5. which is to say i really liked it there are few storys that can hold my interest but this one drew me in to the point i finnished the whole series in 2 days. looking forward to the slayer chronicles but the only problem i have with that is theyre killing vamps, and i love vamps so im not sure how id react to it.

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