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Thread: Getting dirty

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    Default Getting dirty

    I think its yucky who else thinks this?

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    Like messing your diaper or dirty like grimy. I do construction and am a mechanic when I can get work so to me thats second nature and messing well that is also #2 :P Sorry couldn't help my self with that joke.

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    I can't stand being dirty!! I helped mom outside today and when I came in I washed my hands and face 3 times before I felt clean hehe

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    I like being clean most of the time, using antibacterial soap everytime I wash my hands and doing everything in my power to avoid germs (which is how I average less than one cold per year). However, every once in a long while, I rebel against the extreme cleanliness my mom taught me as a "little girl" by purposely messing my pants to remind myself why it's important to make it to the toilet, and for the first time in my life, I did it in a diaper on November 8th.

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    Whilst I like being "clean" in general (read: I shower at least once a day, etc...) I'm not at all afraid of those EVIL GERMS ... and to RobiBoi7: I usually have a cold or flu every 3-5 years... Which is far less then most everyone around me.... and I don't clean my hands with antibacterial soap every 15 minutes....

    Messing on the other hand: NO THANKS, NO.... that for me is an absolute no-go... I hate it and find it utterly disgusting.
    I had soiled myself twice - once when I had heavy diarrhea - the other time I must have eaten something odd... I was diapered, and I simply couldn't hold it in till I was home (I was driving the car).... yikes... I basically ran from the parking lot straight into the shower and had to shower like half an hour before I felt somewhat "clean" again...
    yuck... I simply don't know how anyone can find messing pants/diapers/etc nice... or even arousing,...
    I don't have a big problem with "wetting"... but am not to keen on staying wet either.

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    As a retired construction worker, mechanic I don't miss the grease and oil or dirt. Now I can't stand anything wet slimmy, or sticky on my hands and have to get it off right away. Wet diapers are OK.

    Poopy diapers not.

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    I don't like to get dirty to start with; if I can avoid it I will. However, if it's unavoidable, then I will get right in with it and have a great time. Such as when I'm working on cars, or my bike. Grease for the win.

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    Admittedly, I'm not all that bothered about getting dirty; that sort of thing happens after all. But it kinda depends how long I end up staying dirty. If I'm not able to wash within an hour or so of getting dirty, I do tend to get a bit agitated (even if it's just grease from fixing my bike chain or something). I'm not super obssesive about it though, though I can see why some people don't like getting dirty at all.

    So...yeah; I don't find it yucky as such, provided I'm not going to stay like it for too too long.

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    Ewwwww! Definitely yucky! >.<

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