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Thread: 18 years old and older answer this question

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    Default 18 years old and older answer this question

    Do your diapers turn you on? Mine turn me on wondering am i the only one lol

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    It is very common for ABDLs to find diapers a sexual turn-on. You will probably find more people on this forum find diapers sexually arousing than do not. We are "diaper lovers", after all. In fact, to psychologists, something like ABDL is known as a "paraphilia" -- effectively meaning an unusual or alternative source of sexual arousal.

    Many people incorporate diapers into their sex life in different ways. Some simply find them arousing on their own, without any real context. Others use them in ageplay (roleplay where participants assume older/younger roles). They can also be used more generally in roleplay involving humiliation.

    So no, you're definitely not the only one. However, remember ADISC is a PG-13 site, so it's best to try not to seem too much like you're typing one-handed :P

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    You're definitely not the only one, many within the AB/DL community wear because they enjoy the security and psychological comfort that wearing gives them, whilst others prefer to wear for sexual gratification

    Personally I am both, I do wear for sexual gratification, but I don't always wear because I seek that gratification. Sometimes I do wear just because I want to relax and feel mentally secure and comfortable.

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    I'll start by stating that I definitely have a "paraphilia" for diapers.. Having said that, it's really complicated when I consider involving another person sexually.

    When I'm by myself I can be easily turned on by just the thought of wearing or even thinking about a diaper (literally, just a diaper). However, if I were romantically involved with someone (even if it's someone I know very well), I would be incredibly nervous to even consider involving them in such a way. Admittedly, I have yet to truly know any other AB/DL's, so I have no way of knowing for sure. But, even if I never gain the desire/courage to act in such a way, it doesn't bother me since there are a great many other things that turn me on (physically and mentally) in a relationship.

    As for when I'm regressing (age/roleplaying) and I'm in that childlike state of mind, the absolute last thought I'd ever have would be sexual in nature (even just touching myself would completely take me out of that persona).. As an example, I'm 100% heterosexual but, (I'm sure a lot of gay statements start out like that lol) my feelings towards a daddy figure are the exact same as they are towards a mommy figure since, when keeping that childlike mentality in mind, it's not about sexual preference for me but instead, about feeling safe and secure and loved on an all encompassing nurturing level (the way a mommy/daddy would love their actual child). I'm sure I would act differently depending on whether I was around a mommy or daddy figure (as children tend to do) but, I would love their roles and affections entirely equally. The same goes for any littles (boy/girl/sissy/whatever) I'd be lucky enough to share a regressive session with as well..

    Sorry if I ranted on a bit there (hopefully you'll not consider me a crazy person after all that )

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    Default 18 years old and older answer this question

    Yeah it happens to most of us in some way. If you are willing to take the time for some meditative introspection, then it may allow you to calm yourself when you feel any urges. It has helped me, all of these years (especially through puberty) , to maintain the more innocent aspect of diaper wearing about 80 to 90 percent of the time.

    I do not hate the dl aspect of myself but I have no intentions of letting it interfere with moments of regression. I cherish those more than than the sexual any day. However, once you have felt the urges when you are young, it is nigh impossible to delete those synaptic imprints out of long term memory. It matters in how you regulate the feelings, not the fact that you have sexual feelings in diapers, in the first place. There are many ways to cope, but it will never just go away. I don't see anything wrong or harmful about moderate indulgence for the sake of your mental health.

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    Hard for me to answer this. They turn me on in the sense that I get an erection from wearing one and from playing out various diaper-related scenarios in my head. But I have never masturbated before in my life, because I've never felt the desire to (similarly, I have never had the desire for sexual relations with another individual). I believe my paraphilias and my asexuality clash and form some sort of deviant quasi-sexuality.

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    Hmmm. I have never done that either? But yet I am fairly sure I am not asexual. Strange. And yes, I know I'm not 18.... But they do turn me on, in some strange and inexorable way.

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