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    hello every one im new here as you can tell my name is adam and im 17 and i am a tb .. i really love sports and my favorite is football my favorite team is the colts because of where im from ... i really want to thank my friend soraxroxas95 for helping me with making an account on here he is the best bro i could ask for lol .. well not really hes more like a brother from another mother if ya know what i mean ... =P anyways i also enjoy video games my favorite is probably the god of war series

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    hey bubby sowwy i couldn't over today to help but i see you got an account set up ... anyways add me to your friends

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    i just did sora lol =) what would you do without your riku

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    ok .. and i would just go looking for you again

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    Welcome to our HUGE family here at adisc Adam! I hope you find nothing but positive experiences here! Feel free to message me if you want to chat! And again, WELCOME!!

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    thank you

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    Welcome to ADISC. We love new people that are willing to talk. I think you are gonna like it here.

    My name is Thomas, I'm 26 and I love all kinds of stuff that would make too lengthy an essay to write :P. Some of those interests happen to be involved with the fact that I have grown up with a love for Japanese Video Games, Anime,and their culture in general. I was a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts when it first released in 2003. I ve' beaten both of 1 and 2 on ps2 many, many times and they are always gonna be close to my heart. I need to play more of the handheld games, but i havent had the time being in school. I will get to it. My favorite character is definitely Axel, but I also love how they put Cloud into the second one with a more important role.

    Anyway, we hope you have a fun and safe time here on ADISC. Feel free to talk to us about anything

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    thanks and my favorite character is riku

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    Its nice to see more people joining Adisc ^.^ especially when i see a KH fan, hehe, welcome to the community Riku!

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    thanks xion

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