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Thread: Effective way of Multi-layer diapering

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    Default Effective way of Multi-layer diapering

    This allows urine to flow thru easily, compare to cutting slits.
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    My wife picked up some toddler prefold cloth diapers at a local thrift store and uses them in my disposables. They work very well

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    Image still not working.

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    The link works fine for me, good idea cutting a square out but personally I find a pinwheel works rather well at making loads of holes so the liquid can flow to the next diaper.

    Would post a link to the picture itself but if you really want to see it, just go to the sites homepage and search for the images filename.... just make sure search filename is ticked.

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    link doesn't work for me, but digime steps work!

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    This method allows the outer diaper to be fully used rather then having the urine stay in you your inner diaper.

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    The problem I find with cutting a large slit or hole like that is that when full, the inside diaper loses it's filling, which can make changing messy and difficult. What I do is punch lots of tiny holes all over the backing with the points of a pair of scissors. The holes are enough to let liquid through without letting the filler escape so its much less messy.

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