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Thread: Uhm, Hello there everypon- Oh wait, wrong site! Hi everyone!

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    Red face Uhm, Hello there everypon- Oh wait, wrong site! Hi everyone!

    Ah, Hello there everyone!
    As you can tell, I'm new around these parts.
    Thought I'd toss up an introduction!
    I'm LittleRed, but you can call me Red if you'd like.

    Currently, I'm a freshman at University, although soon I'll probably be dropping out for a bit to get a full time job, because the stress of it is really getting to me.
    Personality wise, I'm generally a pretty sociable (well, online at least) and fun-loving kinda girl. I love love LOVE to talk to people, and I love making new friends! So feel free to say 'Hi' at any time! I don't bite! At least, not non-consenually. :3

    Where diapers are concerned with me, I really find a huge comfort (and, I'll admit, a decent bit of sexual pleasure at times) in them. I long to be diapered and treated like the little girl that I sometimes am on the inside (I'll mention here that I've got a gender disorientation going on constantly in my head. My TB/DL side is a little girl, while my normal seventeen year old girl self is a boy. Mostly. Ugh. Hard to explain.), and that means that I want to lounge around all day playing in my diapers, and sucking on my binkie while wearing my footie-jammies.

    Outside of all this, I'm a far from normal seventeen year old. But that's what makes me awesome!
    My favourite thing in the whole world right now is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I collect and draw and all sorts of things to do with it.
    Aside from that, I'm really into all sorts of art as well, and am hoping to one day open up my own photography studio.
    I also game a bit, mostly things like Fable on my 360, and Maplestory. Love me some Maplestory.
    And I write! Poetry mostly, but not very often.

    Now, the reason I came here is to make some new friends that share my love of... well, anything that I love! And to get some constant reassurance that I'm not alone in what I like, even though I already know it.

    Well, that's about it! If you have any questions, or wanna say hi, lemme know!

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    welcome to adisc! To be honest your post confused me a little, are you a girl or a boy? I am just sort of confused. anywho, so you play maplestory and fable 3? both games i adore, maplestory is more a thing of the past for me now. It is just to easy to level now. I liked the challenge of the old days.

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    hello red and welcome i hope you enjoy your time on here

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    Hellow and welcome I play Xbox too if you want to play message me for my GT

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    Greetings, salutations, bows, rosettes...Good evening (at least, here in the UK lol)

    Ah, you're a poet YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Try to post some stuff, be it good or rough...We'd love to hear from you, so get that pen and write now what you do! :P

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    Ah, I-I'm a girl.
    Sorry for the confusion...

    Actually, I play Fable 2. Haven't gotten 3 to play yet.
    And I like some of the new classes, so it's kind of a win-lose thing.
    I do miss the old days, however...

    Maybe I'll post some things, but I'm not sure... I generally don't share much of my stuff.

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    Just gotta say your introduction was awesome! Definitely one of the good ones... you told us alot about yourself.

    I like to write poetry sometimes but I am more into story making in general. To be honest that is one of my life long goals, to be a published author. But by that I mean I can walk into a book store, point at my book on the shelf and go:

    "Yeah.... I wrote that."

    LOL.... Anyways, welcome to the site! I honestly know and have read a lot of reviews but haven't played Maplestory. I do like mmorpg's and I usually keep defaulting back to WOW because I really like questing / roleplaying.

    Maybe I'll give Maplestory a chance sometime... It looks a lot like some of the other action games I've played like Lunia or Dragon Saga or whatevah that 3d side scroller was called.

    - Mitchy

    p.s. Yeah, we all need acceptance. Don't worry, we accept you for who you are here.

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    Hello Little Red, and welcome I'm pretty new here too, but so far it's been a nice place.

    I watched My Little Pony; thought the first season was better than the second one though. I'm not sure I have to ask, but; favourite pony? Skooterloo I'm guessing

    I play Xbox too; Borderlands, Halo and Minecraft lately, but Fable was what got me to trade in my PS2 and buy an Xbox back in the day.

    Reassurance and support is the main reason for this place; it's a place for us all to have each other's backs and be ourselves.

    Anyway, I'm sure I'll see you around the traps

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    I'm glad that you liked it.

    Oooo, I've always really wished I'd get published...
    I actually wrote a children's book a few months back for a Psychology assignment, and I really liked how it turned out. I just... don't have the money to publish it, or the art skills to illustrate it.

    It's really fun! It's actually a large majority of questing, and there's a decent bit of roleplaying that can be done...
    Let me know if you decide to take it up, and we can play together! I'll have to tell you which server I'm on, 'cause there're loads of 'em.

    I really liked the second season better, actually. But to each his own!
    And I think Scoots is actually tied with Dash for who's best pony in my book. AJ is a close second.

    My fiance loves him some Borderlands 2, but he's a PC gamer anymore. That Alienware he got for his birthday changed his brain.
    He used to play Minecraft a lot too, but lately it's disappeared.

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    Hey red, welcome to adisc! I'm Larry J. a.k.a. NukJams! How do you like adisc so far? What kind of music do you like? (i like rock :3) What about movies? And I hear that you wrote a book! That's AWESOME! Do you think you might publish it (post it) on adisc? Anyways welcome and enjoy!

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