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Thread: what do theese mean?

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    Unhappy what do theese mean?

    ive been kind of worried about this recentley and not know what to expect ,
    i know i may get banned for asking this but i don want to get banned for doing somthing wrong without knowing

    i dont know how to ask this but ive heard alot of bad things about these
    what i want to ask is what are " *chan sites" and "memes"

    i honestley have no clue what either of theese things are and i dont want to run into one without knowing its bad
    so if somone can please explain what theese are its worrying me a grea bit

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    There's nothing intrinsically wrong with them, many of them are actually quite awesome! The admin here just has an extreme dislike of them for personal reasons. You do have to respect his authority because it's his forum, but don't let it stop you from enjoying them outside of this enclave. I certainly do.

    Be that as it may, many of these memes have grown far beyond the original chan sites, so you may very easily come across them somewhere and post them here unawares. My impression from current administrative activities is that you will be banned anyways, and that's just tough luck. I seriously doubt the administration will start a blacklist of memes for your perusal. If Moo wants to supress them, that would have the opposite effect. I guess the lesson is to surf the chans often so you know their memes, and can avoid them here. It's either that or post nothing from other websites.

    Also, I started a thread in the Off-Topic section about the more general implications and instances of memes in society at large. You can check that out, or try reading these two links: (as long as you stay out of the adult sections, they're fairly tame)

    Chan memes are just one humorous example of a significant force that shapes and changes our lives everyday. Just look at viral marketing, twitter or the blogosphere. Memes of some form are critical to their success. Heck, even the term "blogosphere" is a kind of meme. An idea or concept I picked up somewhere, has stayed with me, and I expose others to.

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    I should certainly hope you wouldn't get banned for asking about it, being that it's an honest question. I could educate you on the chans, having frequented them myself. (I don't fall into the "legion" mindset at all though.)

    Memes are stupid little factoids, sayings, or pictures that have been adopted as a cultural icon, like the O RLY? owl, Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" song, and Epic Fail Guy. The memes have no real humor value in and of themselves, but when you learn the history of its creation, meaning and proliferation, it becomes something like an inside joke.

    It all started with "2ch", a Japanese imageboard that grew to immense popularity. A guy named "moot" started "4chan" to mimic 2ch, this time in English. He forced every post to be anonymous, and banned indiscriminately, which created an extremely chaotic, disturbing, and yet creative environment (most of which is contained in /b/ - random). In /b/, many people take random images and do something to make it gain "meme" status. It's a really stupid popularity contest, if you ask me, but sometimes it's funny to watch.

    Other imageboards sprang up, piggybacking off of 4chan's success. Of note are 7chan (like 4chan "lite"), not4chan (which specializes in shota and loli, for some ungodly reason) and overchan (a comprehensive list of all *chan boards).

    Honestly though, I seriously suggest staying away from all of this entirely. Not only are chan boards a massive waste of time, but it's got so much drama, and you'll see things you really can't un-see. If the internet were like real life, then 4chan would be like war, as far as traumatizing experiences go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLGrif View Post
    He forced every post to be anonymous, and banned indiscriminately
    Actually, only /b/ was forced anonymous, and as for indiscriminate banning in /b/, can you blame him? lol That place is a cesspool of humanity, but still fun to laugh at.

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    oh tank you for the explanations i feel greatly relieved now and know what to avoid. and such i feel like i got a big weight off my chest so i thank both of you sincerely,

    i do however inquire about one thing?

    you said we can "enjoy them outside this enclave"

    but isnt anyone who visits a *chan site banned from this site? ive seen ban reasons saying "member of a *chan site" does this mean we cant visit or just cannot register there? since im guessing moo can track our registry of sites or someting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cylenri View Post
    isnt anyone who visits a *chan site banned from this site?
    I'm not an Admin but I highly doubt that. What the heck, this isn't 1984 by George Orwell!

    I think that as long as you keep those things out of here no one's going to complain. Or, if you prefer, you could also keep the two things completely separated and not connectable, like I suppose most of the people here already do with their accounts used for "normal" activities (job, school), which are not connected to the one used for "DL" purposes.

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    I'd just like to thank cylenri for this post. I too, didn't really what a meme was, or the chan sites. However, if I remember correctly, only the chan memes themselves are banned. There are loads of things that, as far as I understand, could be considered memes, but if they don't come from the chan sites it isn't going to mean you will be banned. If it were banned in the most general sense of the word, everyone here would be banned sometime in there membership.

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    Thank you Incomplete Dude for posting such an informative response. Cylenri's question is the same one that I had after reading the new rules.

    The only reason I did not bother to ask about them was the low probability of me accidentally breaking the rule. If all of my posts and pictures here are original, the likelihood of matching a meme is rather low. Burring my head in the sand is not the best method to avoid breaking a rule, but is the method chosen.

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