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Thread: Duplos or Legos?

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    Default Duplos or Legos?

    Me and my wife (somtimes mommy, sometimes daughter) have recently gotten a set of Legos and a set of Duplos. We had fun playing with them tonight.

    I thought I'd try the Duplos to see if they improve regression .

    Anybody else play with Duplos?

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    When I was young I played with Duplos because Legos were too difficult for me to work with. Now, it would be Legos all day long (if I still had Legos).

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    LEGOS!!!! lol seriously tho, I've played with other building blocks (all of my waking life) and nothing compares to the colors, block variation and general durability of legos.. I recently gave away a ton of my legos to a friend who has a 3 y/o son and while I hated giving them up, it was awesome to see such a happy kid (plus, I still continue to buy 'em and in my goofy kid head, I just "relocated my old base of operations to make room for new recruits" lol)

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    Lego and Duplo are quite expensive, so I don't have any yet. I'd quite like to get some at some point though. Stickle bricks were awesome too.

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    I still play with Legos and my old K'NEX sometimes. A few months ago, I sat down and built what was categorically my best K'NEX design ever. It was a 4wd, with a flat-four engine, rhd steering that actually works, bench seats for six, and a roof. Quite cool. I still play with Duplo sometimes; it's great fun, although Lego is better I reckon. K'NEX is better for making cars with. Just my ten cents.

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    Lego hands down! It's just an amazing toy!

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    We still have my old Duplo and Lego back home so I could always play with them again if I felt like it. Lego is cool because you have Star Wars and Harry Potter sets so you can imagine stories a little bit better but I always preferred Duplo when it came to building forts or castles because then the end result would be bigger, still always used Lego people to play in them though.

    Also, screw Megablox they are not a suitable replacement for Lego and parents need to realise this!

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    Legos have my vote. Duplos are great, but Legos have a timeless sense and beautiful design. ^_^

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    Duplos are perhaps more cute and indeed more "regressive", but generally I prefer Legos (and I think that faces of Lego-people are cuter).

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