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Thread: Wife's Gunna do it!

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    Default Wife's Gunna do it!

    Sweeeeeet. The wife says she'll diaper me! A lifelong dream may come true tonight. Wanna help? Which should she use/which would be best for her enjoyment?

    Molicare S+
    Abena M4
    Secure X+
    ABU Cushie
    Wellness Brief

    I'm so giddy! OMG!

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    Default Wife's Gunna do it!

    What's her personality. Also is this a yea ill diaper you or more like ohh I'd like to diaper you.

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    I'd say if you're going for the baby look, use the Cushies. Otherwise, I'd use the Abena.

    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    none of the above. Bambino Teddy.
    Well, not to be an ass, but the guy says it will happen TONIGHT, and I'm assuming the diapers he listed are the diapers he has available. So unless Bambino has some kind of speedy delivery that will make the diapers arrive on time, suggesting it to him doesn't help at all. :/

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    Thanks all! However, a friend came over, and nullified our sexy time. I wish I had BamBams...but I don't. The wife seemed pretty interested. She said, "How about I clean you up and diaper you tonight? I started laughing (giggling?) and actually ran to the closet. She said, it's that cool? And I said, "Yeah, it's been a fantasy since I was ten!" she had just gotten done applying Tugaboos brand cream to my crack for no apparant reason, so she was pretty enthusiastic. We have a 3-day weekend, so hopes are high. If she forgets, should I remind her? Thinking Cushies. Was from a sample pack from ABU, so it's a unique diaper from my stash.

    Thanks for the input folks!


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    A few things:

    - talk about it and let her know that it's ok if she ain't cool with it after trying... I think that's of paramount importance.
    - It's "your" fantasy and she likes to indulge (nice) - relax, let it happen, and if both like it, talk about what could be done to make it nicer or what to avoid next time
    - Diaper: Abena imho.

    On a side note:
    I'm not an AB - have no such desires and don't understand it fully, but well everyone is different
    I'm a bedwetter so have to wear diapers... From that point of view I'd NEVER want any type of "babyish" diaper... never. that would make me feel a lot worse about my bedwetting.
    Thus I'd like my diapers to look as "medical" as possible....

    On another note:
    me and my long time GF tried this diapering thing at one time years ago... she was actually really ok with it - I thought it would be "nice"... I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL.
    It almost freaked me out. Couldn't relax, felt really "exposed" and slightly humiliated, very much "emasculated" (that's something I hate anyhow about being a bedwetter, although I came to terms with this and am "OK" these days)...
    Simply put, it was not something I care for to ever do again.
    We talked about it a lot after that, and she said she didn't feel bad about it, she did not think "less" of me, etc... she was way cooler with this than I could eve be
    The only time after I let her diaper me, was when I had a crushed hand (accident) and was glad to have some help as it's difficult to put diapers on with your hand / arm being all plastered up...
    At that point I could take it a lot easier as it was necessary for a medical reason ... and I found it to be "OK"...

    I hope you like it better than I did and you both will find it enjoyable

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    Default Wife's Gunna do it!

    How was it!

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