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    I'm just curious--what's the weirdest dream you've ever had? Just a dream where nothing seemed to make sense or anything. Mine was one where I was pregnant with a chicken and I have no idea why.

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    You fear having a child you do not love or connect with?
    Dreams are the mind's way of sorting out the thoughts and information that doesn't fit or make sense yet. Are you too young for motherhood but wondering what it will be like? Often though it is not the actual subject but a hidden theme as in dreaming of having to go to the bathroom at work but there is no time or place can mean your basic needs are not being met in the job. Like all humans I too have dreams that leave me guessing, none that I'd like to share just now but my shrink is having a field day.

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    had lots of wierd dreams, too many to remember fully, but one that sticks with me was a recurring dream from my childhood that tied in with my synaesthesia and possibly my bedwetting (from a particular sensation toward the end of the dream).
    it's far too long and complicated to fact, the dream always felt as though it lasted for hours (like a really long film). the last time i tried to convey it was at school, when told to write down a recurring dream in english class. needless to say, the synaesthetic elements didn't go down too well with the teacher ("it was the colour of the flavour of....", etc) and we had a row in front of the whole class (not for the first time, nor the last).
    oh, to be 11, again

    of course, one of the other wierd-but-standard dreams involved my being kidnapped from my bed and replaced by another, slightly different Ade. the kidnappers burst through the bedroom window, throwing the window open somehow so as not to break the glass, and it was very much a case of 'black ops' n' all that jazz, as seen on the telly, nowadays........long before anybody knew about such things and methods (it was even before the Iranian Embassy seige).

    what a strange little thing i was am.

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    I have strange dreams quite frequently, I can never seem to make sense of them. Last night I dreamed that I was cuddling with Nathan Explosion, and he was a fantastic cuddler, save for the fact that he snored like he needed to shatter windows to save his life. Then when we woke up we went to a formal function and he ditched me for the buffet.

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    Last night I had a dream that my brothers snake ate my snake. Except the snakes we had in our dreams weren't the ones we have in real life. It was really random and I don't understand. He didn't even do anything to stop it. Flippin' weird...

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