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Thread: Adult Baby boys and boyfriends - How does it work?

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    Default Adult Baby boys and boyfriends - How does it work?

    Hello, guys.

    I thought I'd ask about something that's been in my mind this week.

    First of all, here is some context:

    Even though I'm 26, I've never dated, or even kissed anyone. I attribute this to the fact that I'm gay, but never accepted myself as such. On the other hand, I was always too timid to try anything with girls, that added to the fact that I was hardly attracted to anybody.

    Anyway, I think I've made peace with myself regarding this subject... except now I'm 26 with no experience at all :s

    Now, to the matter at hand: I've been talking to a guy, online. We seem to have really liked each other, seem to have pretty similar interests relationship-wise; meaning we want something solid, a real long-term relationship, and really like each other. No one-nighters here. We really have in mind something long-term.

    Yesterday I've told him I'm an AB. He took it pretty well. He had never heard about anything like that and was surprised, but he saw no problems with it, and actually said it kinda fits with somethings he likes to do, like bathing his boyfriends, and he liked the idea of bottle-feeding me, rocking me, cradling me, things like that. He only seemed to have two problems with it. One: he didn't want me to sleep with him wearing a diaper, cause he likes hugging and fondling and things like that, and he doesn't wanna have to wonder if I'm wet if he starts something like that. And second, he has no interest in changing diapers, which is fine. I didn't even ask him that, he just mentioned it himself.

    Anyway, I was curious about other guys with boyfriends, in situations like mine seems soon to be: I'm a baby, he is not. How does your relationships work? How does the fact you're a baby impact your relationships? Or is it irrelevant and they have no participation? Just wanted to get some insight from people who already have this kind of experience.


    PS: I was about to post it in the adult baby section, but figured maybe the Mature Topics area could be more appropriate to the subject.

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    You and him have been talking for a while, if you have got to the point where you feel you match well, are both thinking of the relationship, and you decided to tell him you are a AB. From what you have wrote above, he seems happy enough with it and has accepted it.

    When you both get together in person, you will be able to tell better what sort of person he is. If he doesn't jump into something big straight away, you shouldn't either. By that I mean both signs of love, and you displaying your baby side. If the two of you are a good match you will feel some sort of connection and know when the time is right to do something. I don't really think you have anything to worry about though. So far you seem to be getting along fine, and even after coming out as an AB you still got a positive response, and is willing to get involved in parts with you.

    As for the 2 problems you said he had, they are only problems if you both look at them as that. Just accept that you found his likes and dislikes, so don't sleep with him in a diaper (for now at least. A few months down the line things may change and you may become more comfortable with what each other want) and don't ask to be changed by him.

    Finally, I picked up on one of the first things you said, about never kissing anyone before. I know someone else on adisc recently asked about their first kiss. I don't know if you are worried about that, but if you are, don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDrummerGirl
    When you get close, you'll end up with your foreheads/noses touching. Lean your head to one side and go in slowly, just place your lips on his/her's. Don't pucker up like you're kissing your grandmother, just relax. Close your eyes, definitely. I'd say have a breath mint or two on hand for before.
    Trust me, I had barely any idea what I was doing going in to MY first. A single, simple, quick kiss is an easy thing to do and do right.

    I hope it all goes well, and I wish you and your boyfriend the best for your relationship

    LittleDrummerGirl - Sorry, I just noticed that quote will have called you over to this thread. I was just copying over what you said in another thread to offer advice to someone else.

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    Thanks, ChickenBoy.

    Yes, I do have concerns about kissing. I'm indeed very worried about it. Not only kissing, but going forward, in general, with a relationship. But I suppose it's all gonna sort itself in time.

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    I also have to say, CLOSE YOUR EYES! Nothing freaks someone out more than a possum-eyed kiss...

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