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Thread: Does powder decrease absorbency..?

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    Default Does powder decrease absorbency..?

    I don't normally use baby powder when I slip into my Abena Abri-Flex Premium 3 diaper. I decided to try a little the other day because I had a 2+ hour drive and didn't want to feel sweaty after that long. It didn't seem to have any affect on the absorbency, but then I didn't use very much. Is there a point at which the powder would cause a problem, or is would that take more powder than a normal sane person would ever use? (Yes, at least I think I am sane...)

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    I use some form of powder everytime I change and have never really had any problems absorbancy wise, other problems would be leaving clouds behind me when I sat down and one guy saying "who smells like a baby?" while standing at a bar once. *rolls eyes*

    I use to sprinkle quight a lot on but was litterally leaving clouds behind me when I sat down and had white half way up my back. Also I found that if you use too much then when you wet/sweat it will clump up and stick to you in little lumps, which is fine if your shaved down there, but its a pain to clean if you have any pubes.

    So just put a light sprinkling on now and seems to work much better than literally pouring it on, plus it is much better for my breathing and my clothes.

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    I just sprinkle on a little and rub in on my groin and crotch and let my diaper catch the excess. I don't add any extra to my diaper and don't see any loss in absorbation.

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    Default Does powder decrease absorbency..?

    Scientifically it does not effect absorption. I don't see how it could. I use baby powder quite liberally but I only apply a lot if I am going to be wearing 4 + hours in one diaper. Usually with my thicker night time diapers I will heavy powder. During the day with my sdk's , cushies, and Teddy's I will usually just lighty powder because there isn't a reason to go overboard. Unless of course, if you wear when it is really hot and humid and you are prone to sweating. Powder can help with that.

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    It can cause diapers with a wetness barrier to work less effectively, as it clogs up the pores which let liquid through. The actual absorbency won't change though. I tend to use a lot of baby powder and I've never had a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    as it clogs up the pores which let air through

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    I don't notice any difference in absorption, but I do notice the urine smell earlier, compared to when I use no powder. Before you ask, I can confirm I am not dehydrated, drink loads of water... Just seems to not allow the diaper's own odor absorbing properties to work as well... Just me??

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