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Thread: Does anyone here use Pampers Kandoo products to help with the diapering/cleanup process?

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    Default Does anyone here use Pampers Kandoo products to help with the diapering/cleanup process?

    Hi guys...Although these products are technically marketed for PTing toddlers and preschoolers, because my AB persona is 2.5-3yo, I think she might like Kandoo products, specifically the "flushable" wipes which, in reality, she would toss in the trash with her used diapers, as well as hand sanitizer for when the dirty but necessary chore is all done, and also hand soap for after she has pooped in the potty (she'll only poop in her diapers when she's got the runs LOL)...Does anyone else use the Kandoo products? Or is it all like actual baby wipes and stuff for you guys? What do you think? I'd like to hear your opinions!

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    I don't like the way Kandoo products smell, it is a kid friendly fruit scent that is just odd. I prefer huggies pull ups wipes, but they are not nearly as soft as baby wipes. As for soap, just buy a nice soap despencer in the bed and bath section of any major department store, some are really very childish and fun.

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    I found the Kandoo wipes are too Small. I go for the pull ups flush able wipes they are closer to a normal size wipe.

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    Pampers brand wet-wipes are quite good, but I don't use the Kandoos.

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    I personally prefer the Huggies one and done as far as wipes are concerned, they're cheap and you can buy em in bulk off amazon (8 packs of 54 for $15). They're really good for your skin as well with aloe and cucumber and the scented ones are my favorite

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    I use the cheapest flushable wipes I can get to wipe myself, whether I poop in the toilet (99.999% of the time) or in my pants/diaper, but still leave skids in my underwear because they don't always get everything.

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    +1 for the huggies wipes, cheap and thick.

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    No skids for me RobiBoi but sometimes some crap is still left in my butt because TP and wipes don't always get everything, though we try.

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