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Thread: Anyone in a fraternity/sorority or alumni of one?

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    Default Anyone in a fraternity/sorority or alumni of one?

    Figured I would take a long shot and see if anyone else here is currently in a fraternity or sorority or was in one during college? I have been involved in fraternity life for over a year now and am currently living a house with a bunch of my brothers. Let me tell you keeping the diaper fetish hidden has been difficult. I would love to hear anyones stories/opinions related to this topic, thanks!

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    Yep, in college I was a member of a large and respected fraternity and lived in the house. I smuggled diapers in with a gym bag or something similar. My roommate did not know about it, but I can be very discreet. Just don't get caught with your diapers. I enjoyed being a part of it during the time I was an active brother, but I don't think most of those guys would have understood, even if I was an occasional bedwetter.

    There was some hazing involving diapers and pledges, but not with me. It was some random way to embarrass a pledge during initiation and they didn't ask him to use the diaper or anything, he just had to wear it in front of everyone else. Actually, that was one of the milder hazing incidents.

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    Yup, I was in a sorority while in college. I never lived in the house or with any of my sisters, so it was pretty easy to hide.

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    'Scuse the ignorance but... what are fraternities and sororities? I thought they were just segregated buildings that men and women lived in whilst at university... Like gender-specific halls of residence.

    So... Do some people choose to be in a fraternity/sorority whilst others don't? Are they just male and female-specific social clubs? Are there mixed-gender clubs too?

    Do you just find yourself a part of one simply because of the accommodation that you are assigned by the university? Or do people tend to look around for a while to decide which one they want to be a part of? Do you have to apply to be in a fraternity/sorority? Who to? Are there "specialist" fraternities/sororities (i.e. ones for engineers, or ones for people who like rock music) or do you just pick one based on how much you like the people that are already members?

    Sorry for all the questions! I've always wondered how fraternities/sororities work! The only thing I know about them is what I've seen in a couple of films. They're named with Greek initials (do they mean anything in particular?), men and women don't mix (!) and there are crazy parties where people drink more alcohol than even us Brits! But maybe that's just the kind of stuff they make up in films!

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    Yep here also. Here in the Netherlands there are different kinds of fraternities ranking from very traditional to more liberal. But in most cases you still are able too choose your own kind of housing and as due to Dutch tax law more and more student housing is designed as private studio's. In my case i'm very lucky to live in one of them; it makes it more easier to deal with...
    It has it pro's and con's but as I like having my own (non-shared) bathroom and not living in the filth of others and I'm pretty pleased with it.
    I know from friends and other fellow students that to have some privacy they lock the door of there bedroom during the night, too know they have some privacy and they are not disrupted on their sleep by drunk housemates. If you have a single bedroom in your house this might be a solution for wearing diapers. And like Spaz already said smuggle diapers in with the help of a gym bag, also an ideal place for storage.

    In answer to the questions of tiny (with a dutch point of view):
    1) Fraternities and sororities are association were students unite, I think you can compare it with a social club.
    2) here in NL you will find your own fraternity according to you wishes as each one has a different profile. And I have to mention not every student chooses to be a member of a fraternity, depending on the city the percentage can be up to 40/50% of the student population
    3) The fraternities have a more general profile, within these fraternities there are different sub associations (for expample debating/fencing/rugby etc.). For future students the offering of these sub associations can be leading for their choice. Also besides these fraternities there are many associations in the student community who are geared up to specific interests, so you don't have to be a member of a student fraternity to find like minded students.
    Choice can be made because you like or know people who are a member but can also be based on family traditions.
    4) Here the fraternites are pretty much always mixed gender; only the year clubs within are in most cases separated.
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    To me I think its pretty risky keeping them in the Frat house. TBH I would probably keep them hidden in a duffle bag in your car or something. I don't know if you have your own room or not but i imagine it would be disastrous if someone found them...unless you could play it off as some sort of hazing you were gonna do

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    I'm in a fraternity at an engineering school right now. I've got a "secret" box with a couple of diapers hidden in my room. I've only been able to wear twice this entire year though, because of my roommates who NEVER leave the room and my girlfriend I spend a lot of time with.

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    Yes I am in a fraternity, going alumni this month. Have been vice president. I love it and wouldnt change it

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