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Thread: Astral Projection?

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    Default Astral Projection?

    Hello there guys and Gals!

    I am wondering if any of you are in to Astral Projection? I am a beginner which I need some tips and hints on how to achieve getting to the Astral plane and stay there so I could do stuff that I want to do and learn the things that I want to learn.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    All the Best!

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    Lulz~ Why are you asking on this forum. Wouldn't it make more sense to ask on some more spiritual site?

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    I had one experience. I was singing bass with the men and boy choir at Trinity Church, Princeton. We were a very good choir. At some point, I found myself somewhere above the choir looking down, seeing myself sing, and yet, knowing that at the same time, I was singing. It was the most amazing experience. In a short period of time, I was back in my body. I've never had another experience like that again.

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    As was said before, I'd probably google it or ask on another, more spiritual site.

    I have had an interest in astral projecting, as it seems like a fantastic way to get in touch with my spiritual form, but I haven't had the proper time to devote to studying it lately.

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    Default Re: Astral Projection?

    Lol. You got me excited for a second because I thought you were referring to astro physics, especially the giant astroid that could collide with earth in a few years.

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    Drat, I thought you were referring to the group that did this!

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    Not a believer, but used to hear about that stuff on the radio in the middle of the night:

    Home - Coast to Coast AM

    You can probably find some links to useful forums there.

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