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Thread: wore to vist old school

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    Default wore to vist old school

    I wore to vist a school i left 6 years ago and nobody cared i even had to change myself

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    They probably didn't even notice. If they don't notice they won't care, and most don't.

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    but they did as my mate katie asked me if i was wearing she said it was cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveducks View Post
    but they did as my mate katie asked me if i was wearing she said it was cool
    I don't understand what point your trying to make here.

    If you wear diapers for fun, you change them yourself. Hell even people who need them change themselves if they are capable of doing so.

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    There really isn't much for anyone to go on here. If you're going to make threads or posts, please provide enough content and context to indicate why they should be of interest to a broader audience. Thread closed.

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