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Thread: How to get Dry 24/7 quality in your hometown

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    Default How to get Dry 24/7 quality in your hometown

    I've actually tested this out, and using this method you end up with a diaper that's actually MORE absorbent than a Bambino Bianco and well on par with a Dry 24/7 (cheaper, too).

    I'll do a little run down of the math and whatnot, but I can assure you that using this method you'll end up with a diaper that'll be good to use for a whole day without changing, easily (I can flood these about 6 times), and they're fairly discrete to boot.

    The best part of this method is that you can do it at any major drug store, Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. So enough talk, down to business.

    You're going to need to buy the store brand (cloth backed) brief from one of the three stores listed above, having tried Walgreens and Rite Aid I can say that these store brands are identical but I'm not so sure about CVS although I assume their's is the same, too. You're also going to need to get a package of Pamper's Baby Dry size 5, they should all carry these.

    The total cost of both of these should be around $20.00, my receipt from Rite Aid was $22.80.

    In my experience, for some odd reason, drug stores tend to only carry store brand briefs in L/XL but that's OK, you'll need the extra size to fit the stuffers and even if you're way too small don't worry about leaks. I'm only 145 lbs with a 30" waist and these have never leaked on me.

    You're going to stuff two pampers per one brief, but since the pampers are a pack of 27 and the briefs are a pack of 14 you'll have one single-stuffed diaper. Here's the steps:

    1. Read pamperchu's method of diaper stuffing, this is pretty much what you'll be doing.
    2. Cut slits in the bottom of the two Pampers and stack them on top of each other, this is the stuffer.
    3. If you're too small for the L/XL I've found the best way to make it fit is by rolling the front of the diaper down and the front wings of the diaper in then overlapping the tapes. If you're a big type of person, you won't need to worry so much. The back of the diaper may stick up to the small of your back, but you can just stuff this down into the diaper and you'll end up with something pretty normal looking.
    4. ???
    5. PROFIT

    So, for 14 diapers which are gonna last you an entire day without changing (I've tried to make them leak... it's really hard) you spend $20-22 which equates to $1.45-$1.57 per diaper which is the same as a Dry 24/7 but from the convenience of your hometown drug store.
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    I can confirm that CVS fitted briefs are identical to Walgreens. I usually use two of their mediums at the same time, with the first one slitted, and it is almost the same as a Dry 24/7 which I have also tried. So yeah.... great suggestions.

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    The nice thing about the Pampers is that they really don't add much visible bulk under clothes but they do add a significant amount of absorbency.

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    That is interesting. When I get a minute, I'll have to check this out.

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    I've been doing this a lot recently but not the same exact way as pamperchu. The difference in my technique is that I just slice the diapers down the middle and stuff the pampers in that way. It works better this way if you wet a lot and also if you want to add layers. ATM i'm wearing 3 wallgreen briefs and 2 pampers size 7 :3, that's 5 layers xD, by slicing the diapers down the middle more liquid can pass through the layers so you don't leak :P and it makes a nice thick diaper :3

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    I've done this with 2 Assurance diapers from WalMart, and it works well. I've not tried it with Pampers, but I'll have to give it a shot sometime. I've been using cloth for about two weeks and love it, but I still have disposables to use if I need. I'll have to get some Pampers this weekend.

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