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    My English teacher called me immature and told me to grow up today (needless to say i was in that iddy bitty wittle kid mode today) but she said i teach highschoolers not 2 year olds and embarrassed me in front of the class... so that was how my day went.. just curious has this happened to any of you

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    That sucks dude. :/

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    shes just so mean
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    Default english teacher

    My English teachers are always like this. You are not alone

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    i know when she did it i wanted to cry

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    Man, public school must suck. I'm pretty glad I'm homeschooled! Well, I really wish I could help, but what would I know of that.


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    it does the rest of the day i got talked to like a baby by everyone

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    Well, did the teacher have a reason to say what they did? It helps to take a step back and look from their shoes, often times high school teachers have to deal with large numbers of students that are nearly considered legal adults yet most never really act as such. It can be really frustrating for them when things could go so much smoother if the class would just calm down and listen and not have constant distractions. Still, not really the best thing for the teacher to say but it still does help to think about the fact that they do have to often put up with quite a bit and so it is good to consider their feelings as well.

    Also, can't say I really ever had this happen to me when I was in high school, had a couple times where teachers would be confused at me seeing me play around with pens or whatnot but never a comment like that. Either way it shouldn't matter much, stuff like that happens in high school all the time, comments happen and are just as quickly forgotten.

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    well i was havin argument with another person ... you know the yes no yes no kind

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