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Thread: Regards to going to the Gym

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    Default Regards to going to the Gym

    So, how many of you people and how often do you workout at your local gymnasium?

    I pretty much go to Gold's Gym as often as I can, because I'm a member. I usually drink two cups of green tea 30-60 minutes before workout and I do at least 30 mins of moderate-intensity workout plus two minutes of cool-down. Then, I start lifting weights.

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    I used to goto the gym, but now I find it easier to work out at home. All I need is some dumbells, the floor, and a tree. Pull ups and chin ups on the tree... Push ups, sit ups, leg lifts, and yoga on the floor. I also do a little shadow boxing. I always leave jogging for the end for the end of the work out. I try to exercise five to seven hours a week.

    I work from home though. I usually work out and work at the same time. I'll do set, work on the computer for 10 minutes, do another set, etc...

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    I was going to the gym a fair bit before I bulit my new gaming PC after that well yeah, I'm starting to become a neckbeard again.

    I should start going back soon as my membership is only 10 dollars a month for full gym access to 24 hour fitness. (Grandfathered in on my dad's contract from like 1993.)

    I ride my bike there as a warm up then just go swim for a hour taking breaks here and there. I could easily stay there 2+ hours swimming and still be fine with the 1.5 mile ride back home. which is basically nothing. Though I have to ride trough some getto area's but at 10 am, it shouldn't be a safety issue.

    I'm of mind that most of the murders here in my city are mostly people up to no good. I do need to fix some things on my bike though mainly reflectors, etc.

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    Rarely go to the gym, if I feel like using the treadmill or crosstrainers then sure but I prefer doing standard exercise at home. I'll mix up weights, sit ups and push ups for about an hour usually, I'm trying to stay toned rather than get ripped so what I can do at home is perfectly good for that.

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    I go to the gym 4 days a week but don't do any cardio! Not good for general health, but I'm still bulking up and with my body type.. It's not easy to gain weight. Not doing bad though, got some nice lean muscle on the 5 months I've been going!

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    I haven't been to the gym in like a month, although I am planning to go back soon.

    When I do go back, I plan on going 4 days a week, mainly cardio to try and burn away some of the body fat I have.

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    I usually go to my school gym after school for lifting with my football team. It's actually really nice.
    When it's not open I use Fitness 19. I actually went there days ago. My arms are still sore as hell.
    I work out until I feel I've done enough. I usually go insane at the gym on whatever muscle group I'm using. I was at Fitness 19 for an hour and a half doing mostly upper body (triceps and biceps) and a bit of lower body (hamstring, calves)
    But usually I lift like three times a week.

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