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Thread: Footies in Canadian Stores

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    Default Footies in Canadian Stores

    I have seen footies in two Canadian stores this year. First in Boathouse stores. These one are made with fairly thick fleece, grips on the feet, velcro butt flaps and sized in dress sizes. I think they were $50. My room mate got a pair from Bluenotes. The fleece is not as thick but they have little animals on top of the feet. They are $20.

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    Default Footies in Canadian Stores

    Thanks for the heads up, too bad I don't have either of those stores near me to go and try 'em on. I have a funky size.

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    Spencers has a number of footies their price is about $45 - $55.
    I got the mickey mouse ones

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    I went to the Spencer's that just opened up in the mall here but I didn't really care for their selection. I'm really picky though.
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    I will have to check out Spencers. It's nice that they are becoming readily availible. Last year you could only get them at Giant Tiger, and I think they got one shipment right before Christmas and that was it.

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    Do you know if they have them at Giant Tiger this year?

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    Walmart has footless Jammies in the mens section and footed and footless in the womens section.

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    I purchased a women's XL Angry Birds footed sleeper from Walmart a few days ago. Wearing it right now!

    Spotted some Hello Kitty footed jammies at Winners for anyone who's interested. I guess it's finally catching on here.

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