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Thread: How do I know what size footies to buy =/

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    Default How do I know what size footies to buy =/

    I'm looking to buy a pair of footies within a week and am just wondering how I can really get the right size though. Are there any stores that actually sell them or would that make matters worse for buying in a store, especially if I'm a guy looking in the female department for footies =/. Any place online I can find some for around $30 or something?

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    If you are in the US then you shouldn't have much trouble finding them in store (for pretty cheap too). I suggest Walmart or Target. Also, I'm sure there are lots of guys going through the women's pajama department for Christmas anyways, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    We aren't so lucky here in Canada - can't seem to find them anywhere.

    Also, how tall are you?

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    Last time I checked I was about 5'9" I think I'm not for sure really. I may go to a Walmart across town and look (after looking it up online first to make sure they even have them in stock). Can't really try them on and see if they fit in stores can you lol.

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    Well if your Walmart has fitting rooms (which I assume all of them do), then why not? Better to leave with a pair that actually fits you then having to return for an exchange.

    You may be able to fit into a women's size large or XL Disney sleeper at Walmart. I purchased a large pair on eBay but it's nowhere near close to fitting me (I'm around 6'3"). I just stuck my feet in them for my avatar lol.

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    I'm just worried when going in to look for them. Guess I could always say it's a christmas gift for someone I guess, but it's way to early for christmas shopping isn't it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by footieboy View Post
    Some shops are already playing Christmas music here.
    Already?! AHH! The horror

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    I buy mine online from Pajama City. If you study their sizing chart they do it by height. Their's is also unisex sizing.

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    i would say look up size charts cause one could be perfect for say ur size (if ur big like me ) but not be tall enough and vice versa

    besides online stores usually have return policy's

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