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Thread: I want buy adult crib

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    Default I want buy adult crib

    Does anyone know where can buy an adult crib other than Adult Baby Furniture - ABDL. I mean is nice but want see who else can get one from if anyone got an idea please let know.

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    This is at least your 6th topic on this same issue.

    Buy one, make one if you want/need one so badly. Of course in the medical field they just use bars to keep you from rolling out which are a far cheaper/convenient option.

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    And if these are all so expensive and you cannot afford the lumber/tools for making your own then you may have to accept that, for now at least, this is not something you will be able to get. AB cribs are made by only a few people in any country (and I highly doubt any would ship internationally) so you cannot afford to be picky I'm afraid.

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    Fire2box makes a fair point here. Can you tell us what's different now from previous threads so we don't endlessly recycle? I'm sure there are people out there who would like to give you helpful advice but it's been given before, so please be specific. What it really comes down to is that a crib is a custom piece of furniture and those are by definition expensive. I have friends considering cribs and they're expecting to pay in excess of $1,000 as a matter of course. You either pay a reasonable fee or get busy doing it yourself.

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    Sorry did not know post the question already so closed please.

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