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Thread: Assassin's Creed 3

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    Default Assassin's Creed 3

    So how many others bought and are currently playing this AMAZING game. No spoilers please, but you may discuss what you currently like or dislike about the game. As for me I bought the regular one and got the Connor Statue from a friend, which has to be the most epic part of the bundle. Kind of want the flag too, but meh.

    I for one am loving the story and love Connor as an assassin. His back story is pretty epic, the beginning of the game sure threw me for a loop.

    I haven't really gotten into the hunting aspects and am having trouble figuring out the money making or even how to get upgrades in armor and such.

    The big thing I don't really like is how poor some of the animations are for doing assassinations. Example of doing a combo kill, it gets off track and looks like I'm not even hitting the guy, yet he still goes down. Another issue is when you are riding a horse, there is a lot of terrain you cannot go over and you cannot cross rivers. The same issue happens on house rooftops, there are several issues trying to climb the sides.

    On an end note, there is talk of an Assassin's Creed movie. Michale Fassbender is going to play Altair, and Ubisoft has complete 100% control over the making of the movie, which gives me hope that it will be AWESOME, since most game to movies suck, because the production company has to much control.

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    ill admit i didnt like it at first (for those who played it shopuld no why

    and i was just waiting on it to get good

    i love the naval battles

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingDog View Post
    am having trouble figuring out the money making or even how to get upgrades in armor and such.
    This! So much this!

    I just finished the main storyline today actually and for those wondering the story definately picks up in the second half.

    But holy moly.
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    Even after the day one patch which if everyone read the notes was meant to fix a TON. I don't even want to think about what it was like before it. Ugh... you can't go ten minutes without getting one.

    Also! Connor is pretty unlikable until right at the very end. He's always getting angry at his mentor for no reason at all and is just generally annoying. He has a sweet voice actor and has awesome character design but

    The naval missions are all incredibly fun. I love having my own ship and sailing in all manner of weather and heaving waves.

    General gameplay is definately the best the series has been, totally loving the revamped combat and tree-running. The hookblade, bow and tomahawk are all essentials in my aresnal

    Once they fix all the general glitches and smooth everything out a bit it will be excellent. Not my GotY like I was hoping it would be, but hey, it's still awesome!

    I hate the in-game spelling mistakes! And one particular thing that has a certain date on it at the end which changes completely between scenes!

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    Good game so far not a big fan of the first half but the 2nd half is pure brilliance love the game it looks so refreshing compared to the last 2 games i only hope the series continues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okamiyasha View Post
    I hate the in-game spelling mistakes! And one particular thing that has a certain date on it at the end which changes completely between scenes!
    At least you can read the text when they are speaking a different language, I have a 32 in screen and cannot read it, half the time it wouldn't matter because it's white text over a white background......

    I'm actually liking Connor more than Altair, but less than Ezio. I'm still curious to see more about Desmond and the secrets that his father his hiding.

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    I got the Limited edition, my only troubles is the combat system, It seems I press Circle (I think X on the X-box.) and it doesn't work. But I actually like Connor more than Altair and almost equal to Ezio, I think if we were given 3 games with him, we might like him more.

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    I'll likely play the games if Ubisoft bundles them on Steam/PC for like 40-50 dollars. I did like the first one though it was really repetitive and I never finished it. Only broke in maybe 35% of the way.

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    I got the special edition and alot of the stuff was really cool but any ways i was playing and i was like when are we going to get to conner and then after the long set up finally we got there but so far im really enjoying it alot. just not alot of time to play, but when i do im usually diapered cause ill play for about 6 hours straight.

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    I'm only 30% done or so, not sure how it counts the percentage. Could be farther. I'm about to go kill
    I have to say though Desmond in this game is more of a badass than in the previous games. I am liking the increased difficulty in fighting, you no longer have one person attacking at a time and have to keep constant watch to press the counter button. I die a lot because I'm not used to the new style of attacking enemies.

    I am slightly disappointed that there are no armor upgrades, I have heard you can buy new outfits, have yet to locate them though. Finally used to killing wolves and bears and such, after having been killed 500 times by them.

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    I want to play Assassin's Creed III so bad. However, there are 2 problems to this scenario:

    1. I no longer own an XBOX 360, or any other console on which it was released for. Meaning, I'll have to save up money to get it, which will take my roughly 2 months and

    2. I ahve not played all of the previous titles to the franchise, nor do I own them. I like to be up to speed in terms of story, so I will probably spend even MORE money on getting the previous games before I get AC3, and by the time I'm done with that, the hype for AC3 will be long gone.

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