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    Default hello all ^^

    Hello my name is k wolf ive been of the innocent type for over 12 years im 21 and still some what have the bed wetting issue, i'm also a furry,love baby furs and am a brony, i'm a gamer and love doggies . the music i like is,classical,rock,dubstep,techno,metal,trance,V pop,J pop,pony music,and opera. i love to read books and write story's.
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    Welcome to the site, I am also a furry. I used to be a wolf but then I got better and became a panther :P.

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    this makes Kwolf happy 6^^

    - - - Updated - - -

    EEYUP (kisses)

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    You crazy kids and your My Little Pony! Back in my day us boys had to watch MLP and be horrendously mocked for the privelige. And it was awful, too!

    You kids have it easy today what with having ponies that are "good" and "popular" and "watchable".

    Seriously though, welcome. It still comes as a little shock everytime I see another pony fan though. I know FiM is a fantastic show and is crazy popular but still... Its weird to me every time!

    It warms my heart, however, to see so many of the full gender spectrum, of all ages genuinely loving and embracing the show. Its created this wonderful wave of people who are fearlessly kind and gentle, a wonderful change of pace from the hardcore xtreme tough guy trope of the 90s/00s.

    Oops! Went off on a bit of a rant there... Uhhhh... Googoogaga... Im a baby. >.>

    Oh right!

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    thank you ^^ an now im going to playing resident evil 6 or umvc 3...maybe KOF-UM-08

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