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Thread: Embarrassing Problem (Guys Only)

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    Ok, this is a little embarrassing to talk about, but I trust you people so here we go. I get turned on while wearing diapers and usually end up... well.... you get the picture. It's been happening a lot lately and I really want to find a way to control myself. It ruins the feeling I get in diapers and I feel ashamed of myself afterwards. I would just like to relax in diapers like a lot of other guys. Sure, I can't really help the getting turned on part but is there a way to just stop it there? Any help?

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    I had the same issues when i first started wearing. After a while of wearing it goes away. But for now, try and find distractions such as video games, that should help out a bit!

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    i get aroused nearly every time i wear, i just ignore it and do something else and eventually every "calms down" and that's that. Or you could "take care of business" before hand.

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    Or you can let it be. It is normal for boys to have this. And nothing to be embarrasses about. even baby boys get this.

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    I have worn for a couple of days straight at a time and it still happens. Diapers are a turn on and that is just how it is, the..*ahem* will come and it will go depending on what thoughts you are feeling

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    Please on't be ashamed. You are completely normal. While I too like to 'relax' in diapers, I'm also turned on by them from time to time. This is truly nothing, nothing, to be embarrassed about.
    Just as Arkay said, over time it becomes less and less of an issue. But in my experience, having worn diapers for decades, It has never completely gone away.
    You're fine, no need to try to control...pretty doubtful strategy anyways.

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    It is normal, I use to get aroused every time I put on a diaper as the pure excitement would get me, but after several years of wearing I don't get aroused unless I am in that kind of mood. They still turn me on but now I can choose more or less to act on it. Point being it is normal and in my case the more times I wear, the more control I have, that said again it is completely normal and don't worry about it just enjoy it if you can.
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    When I first started I got aroused very easily with just the sight of them but now I only get aroused when I wet them.

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    dont judge urself your fine just the way you are

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