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Thread: whats the right way to put on a diaper

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    Default whats the right way to put on a diaper

    I just ordered my Bambino teddy diapers and I was wondering what's the correct way to put them on for the best snug fit .And what advice could you offer aoubt these awesome diapers? X3

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    What i do is i put my diaper on standing up with my back near the wall then i put the diaper on really tight and snug

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    I lay down like if someone was changing me and i take the bottom tapes and put them on first,then take the upper ones and plop them suckers on!

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    Instead of trying to explain it, check out this article. It explains a good bit in detail, and should help you!

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    I put mine on that way too...exactly the same way ^^

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    ahhhh ,thanks
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    If I'm at home I prefer to lay down, as I find I get a better fit that way. If I'm in a public bathroom somewhere, I do it standing up. leaning against a wall or the stall door. Either way, I do the bottom tapes first.

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    Laying down is best. Line the diaper up so that the front has plenty of room and so the tapes line up about with the landing zone, for bottom and upper tapes.

    The bottom tapes can be angled slightly up, the upper tapes just the opposite. Bottom tapes first then upper, although you can get away with one side then the other.

    Take your time and make sure it is semi tight although these diapers are best if you don't overdo the tightness.

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