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    How well do the abri let maxi booster pads work? Has anyone mixed a dry 24/7 and an abri let maxi? If so how well did it work?

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    I can't do without them since I first wore them! If you're into thick and thirsty padding, they're the thing for you. Since their last edition they're even better at spreading wetness throughout all the padding than they were before.

    I've never tried them with Dry 24/7s because those diapers are not distributed in Europe, but I can guarantee that inside Abena M4s they do an awesome job! I can only imagine them working even better in thicker/thirstier diapers as I heard Dry 24/7s are.

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    Iv'e never used stuffers at anytime in my diapers. I wear Dry 24/7's for overnight and don't plan on useing a stuffer. My 24/7's work fine me just as they are.

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    I've never used that brand, but I used the Depends brand once upon a time. Boosters are awesome in general, they make even Depends acceptable.

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    An Abri-let maxi can make a leaky, crappy diaper into a super star (depends regular) and can make a great diaper absolutely awesome. I use them with my XPlus all the time. I have never tried the dry 24/7.

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    They are very good mate, well worth it if you need the extra absorbancy.

    Best wishes,

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    Honestly, I have both Dry 24/7s and Abri-Lets- and have never combined them. It would be a thick diaper, that's for sure! Maybe I'll test it out tomorrow... you know, for scientific purposes! I've done an Abri-Let in an M4 though, and love it. It's really thick, makes me waddle. Some like other boosters better- but I've only tried Bambinos and Abena boosters, and Abri's take the cake for me! Get them!

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